System Update -November Update Summary-

This is ChatPlus' November update.  In November, we added a function to search by specifying the URL of the chat start page from the management screen "History", and added a function to turn off the display of the visitor's area name and company name. In addition, we have improved and updated multiple functions such as "quoting" tickets in some environment.  ChatPlus is leading the chat support industry as a "practical" and "resulting" tool, while enduring heavy loads and evolving daily to become an infrastructure for chat and chatbot services. Please take advantage of evolving ChatPlus. ・Improved offline form display in some environments. ・Improved Watson integration in some environments. ・Improved chat... 続きを読む

12 Used cases of Chatbot! With detailed analysis of company's application example and its effect

Have you heard of the word Chatbot? It is a program which automatically respond to customers instead of manual operators. Recently, many companies have been installing Chatbot and have successfully decreasing cost and increasing contact point with customers. In this article, it would introduce the used cases of Chatbot inside the company and its effect after the installation. Also, it explains what is Chatbot in the first place and the merit of installing ChatPlus. In Chatbot, there are two types, one is the Chatbot which communicates with customers for outside company like Web service and applications, and the other one is the Chatbot which communicates with employees, clients, and stores... 続きを読む

What is Web service? Variety of tools and its advantages and disadvantages. 8 recommended tools to use!

The Web service is to show discount coupons to users who visited the site, or a tool to support customers through chat. Other than those actions, you can also acquire needed information for marketing. In this article, it would explain what is a Web service tool and its characteristics of a tool and used cases. What is Web service in the first place, and introducing the variety of Web service tools to implement Web service corresponding to each user's needs. Also, the merit that you would get by installing Web service, and at the same time the demerit of it. We would list the variety of companies which offers web... 続きを読む