System Update -November Update Summary-

This is ChatPlus' November update.  In November, we added a function to search by specifying the URL of the chat start page from the management screen "History", and added a function to turn off the display of the visitor's area name and company name. In addition, we have improved and updated multiple functions such as "quoting" tickets in some environment.  ChatPlus is leading the chat support industry as a "practical" and "resulting" tool, while enduring heavy loads and evolving daily to become an infrastructure for chat and chatbot services. Please take advantage of evolving ChatPlus. ・Improved offline form display in some environments. ・Improved Watson integration in some environments. ・Improved chat... 続きを読む

Chatbot Plus beta version released

Chat plus made a big update today. In addition to the chat bot, we released the beta version of Chatbot Plus as the next generation chatbot system. In Chatbot Plus, we reflect the opinions of everyone who uses it, we have greatly enhanced the conditions of chat bot launch and the action of chat bot. It is available at a price unchanged if you use over the business plan, please try by all means. (※)Chatbot plus will be provided in beta version (test version). If you have opinions, requests, problems, etc., please send it to us. We will respond as soon as possible. We are always waiting for your opinion. 続きを読む

System update -Update in November-

chatplus update 2017 11
Chat Plus It is update information in November. In November, as more users increased, many functions were added. Chat plus is used not only for external tools, but also for in-house help desk, manuals, etc. Every day, many practical functions are added according to new uses. Thanks to knowledge from customers, the support team, and the developers, we achieved. Chat plus evolves day by day to become infrastructure for chatting and chatbot service while enduring high load, and is leading the chat support tool world. Please use Chat Plus which continues further evolution by all means. Enable sound effect when promoting chat "Evaluation" option added to history search Speed up chat... 続きを読む
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