60% dissatisfaction! ? What are the real intentions and solutions for IT tools of personnel and general affairs personnel?

We conducted a questionnaire survey of 1000 people in charge of personnel and general affairs to find out the challenges they face and the IT tools they really need. Although the satisfaction level with the tools currently in use is as low as 40%, expectations for AI and automation tools to be used in the future are high at 80%.

Personnel and general affairs officers play an important role in the company because they are responsible for supporting the employees who work at the company so that they can perform their duties smoothly.                                On the other hand, it is often seen as a cost center by companies, and IT tools are required to improve operational efficiency and productivity, but the reality is that IT tools are not successful.

Therefore, this time, 'Chat Plus Corporation(https://chatplus.jp)', which develops and provides an AI-equipped chat tool "Chat Plus", conducted a survey on "Difficulties and efficiency of operations" among personnel and general affairs staff, and asked them about the real issues they have.

Personnel and general affairs departments are indispensable to any company regardless of its size. If you are interested in knowing what measures are necessary to ensure that the person in charge can carry out the work more smoothly and efficiently, and who want to know the voice of the site to determine it, please refer to it.

Survey overview : Survey on “business problems and operational efficiency”
【survey period】 October 10, 2019 (Thu) to October 11, 2019 (Fri)
【Survey method】 Internet survey
【Survey number】1,090 people
【Survey target】 Personnel and general affairs manager
【Monitor provider】General research

Many personnel and general affairs managers who raise efficiency in their work

First of all, when I asked the question “What are the challenges in the work of HR and general affairs?”
・Work evaluation and streamlining and efficiency of work (60s / Male / Miyagi Prefecture)
・Reduction of paperwork and efficiency (50s / female / Kanagawa)
・Attendance management is hard, and thorough protection of personal information (40s / female / Fukushima Prefecture)
・Streamline routine work (50s / Male / Tokyo)
・Employee training and securing excellent human resources (40s / female / Wakayama Prefecture)

There was an answer such as.                                                                              There seem to be many people who feel various issues every day while doing a lot of work.

Above all, the percentage of those who answered that efficiency of work is an issue as described above is high, and it can be said that there are many inefficient work at the site of HR and general affairs.

Improvements in routine work and each case are required on site

Next, I asked, "What kind of routine work are there?"
The response “Documentation” (35.3%) was the highest, just above the next entry “Relationship” (34.7%). Since then, “Ordering” (16.5%) and “Institutional” (11.2%) have been obtained.

The formalization may make the job itself less difficult, but there are still a lot of questions about efficiency, and the key is to find a more efficient way.

Next, when I asked the question, "What do you find difficult in your daily work?"
The most common response was 'Response on a case-by-case basis' (37.3%), followed by 'Administrative Services' (21.7%), 'repeating the same explanation' (21.5%), and 'arrangement of documents' (17.5%).                      In today's IT society, many personnel and general affairs staff feel burdened by analog responses that have been left behind.

While the need for operational efficiency tools is high, only half of the companies have

Next, when asked, "Please tell me what you feel is necessary to make the work efficient." the most common answers were 'Securing human resources' (40.7%), followed by 'Tools Deployment' (26.8%), 'eliminate unnecessary work' (23.8%), and 'subcontracting' (8.2%).

Needless to say, it is impossible for a single employee to decide whether to introduce a new tool or to eliminate unnecessary tasks from routine tasks, so I think many people would like to see the company take the initiative in taking measures to improve the efficiency of their operations as soon as possible.

So I asked, "Do you have tools in place to streamline your business?"
The answer "Yes" was 49.72%, less than half.                                             Despite the fact that so many people feel the need for tools, fewer than half of them actually have them, so many companies are hesitant to adopt them because of initial and running costs.

Actually, the level of satisfaction with installed tools is not high

When asked about "How satisfied are you with the tools in place?" the most common response was 'low' (48.5%), followed by 'high' (34.9%), 'fairly low' (12.6%), and 'fairly high' (4.06%).

Even if tools are introduced for business efficiency, there are many companies that use systems that are not suitable for the company, such as complicated operations and low versatility.
If the actual user is not satisfied, it is meaningless to introduce it at a cost. You need to carefully consider what tools should be implemented.

Additionally, more than 80% of those who had not yet deployed the tool said, "Would you like to introduce automated efficiency tools that suit your company?" 'Yes' (82.9%).                                                                                        The fact that automated efficiency tools are required in the field must be taken seriously by companies and considered.

Expectations for AI-based tools and chatbots are high

In response to the question "Do you think IT tools and AI will improve back office productivity in the next 10 years?" more than 80% of the respondents answered 'Yes' or (80.4%).

When asked, "What kind of automated efficiency improvement tools do you think are effective for human resources and general affairs? (Multiple selections allowed)" the responses 'labor management' 'attendance management' and 'expense reimbursement' as well as 'Recruitment Management (ATS)' 'chatbot' and 'RPA' attracted a large number of votes.

The key to future business efficiency lies in these AI-based tools, and it can be seen that many people want it.

Low-cost and easy-to-use chat plus “AI chatbot” and “chat (support) system”

People in charge of personnel and general affairs are fighting against inefficient operations.
Do you want to take proactive measures to automate things so that your business can run smoothly?
"AI chat bot" and "chat (support) system" fromChat Plus Corporationhttps://chatplus.jp/』are innovative business support tools with intuitive interfaces that are overwhelmingly low in cost and can be used by people of all ages.

In addition to improving the efficiency of our in-house inquiry system, we are also able to provide inbound services at government offices and medical facilities.                                                                                                                         If you're looking to automate the cumbersome procedures that are required each time a new employee enters the company, or if you're looking for a business efficiency tool that is right for your company, please contact us once for the Chat Plus business support tool.

■Chat Plus Co., Ltd.
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Representative:Yoshihito Nishida, President and Representative Director
Address:Kyobashi 2 -2 -1 Kyobashi Edgrand SENQ Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Please feel free to contact us via chat on our website.

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