How to link chat support tool with email marketing

In recent years, various marketing methods and tools such as SNS have appeared and some aspects are being put on click rates, but the role of e-mail magazine is still important for marketing. In addition, with the development of mail delivery tools and marketing automation tools, e-mail marketing that is tailored to the behavior history and attributes of each region, industry, and customer has become possible.

Then, when you think about marketing to prospective customers interested in your product or service by e-mail, how do you collect e-mail addresses?
Chat support tool "Chat Plus" has many functions other than chat. One of the functions is "Lead" function. It can pop up the mail address input form according to the behavior attribute of the visitor. When you use lead function, you can acquire the prospect's e-mail address and approach by e-mail.

If you read this article
・Knowing the three effects of e-mail marketing, you will deepen your understanding of e-mail marketing.
・You can get promising prospect's email address and distribute email magazine.
・You will be able to periodically deliver e-mail magazines, which will lead to increased sales and securing of repeaters.

If you win promising prospects with Chat Plus and you can effectively approach by email, it will lead to a variety of business success. Please read.

Three effects of e-mail marketing

Even when various marketing methods and tools appear, marketing with e-mail magazines is not lost, and many companies distribute e-mail newsletters. Why does marketing with e-mail magazines be supported? Let's look at the three merits of email marketing.

1.You can attract customers at lower cost

Compared to paper media such as direct mail and other marketing methods, e-mail is overwhelmingly cheaper in production costs and transmission costs. Also, the price of the e-mail magazine delivery tool will be lowered and effective marketing can be done at low cost.
Mail contents are easy to edit, so it is a great merit that you can re-create the contents right away. Knowledge and know-how are not required so much for creating e-mail, so it is used as a tool that anyone can use easily.

2.Information can be delivered at any time

Unlike websites that send out information at the timing the customer visits, you can set the timing, frequency and content of information according to the purpose when you use e-mail.
Senders can develop strategies freely. For instance, you can design the email-sending-schedule to  arouse repeaters to buy other products. If you can deliver the right information at the right time, you will shorten the time before purchasing and contracting, contributing to the increase in contract rate.

3.Close to customers

Unlike other web contents unspecified large number of people see, the distance to  customer is close when you use e-mail. Depending on customer attributes and relationships with customers, it is easier  for friendly or informal expressions and contents to be accepted, and you can build a sense of affinity. Some companies set mail sender characters and attract customers to their e-mail magazines.

Tips to increase the effectiveness of e-mail marketing

In order to improve the effectiveness of e-mail marketing, let's send e-mail magazine regularly. Why should e-mail magazines be distributed on a regular basis? Let's see two reasons.

1.Deepen contact with customers and build relationships of trust

If you regularly distribute e-mail newsletters and increase contact frequency with customers, trust relationships are more likely to be bornPsychology also recognizes the effect of increasing favorability and impression when repeatedly contacted.(Called "simple contact effect of Zianthus", and it is also the case when it comes to e-mail magazine.

2.Recognized as one of useful information gathering destinations

When sending mail regularly, customers may recognize it as a useful information gathering source. Let customers subscribe to your email magazine. In order to make customers read them as a custom, it is effective to send it at a fixed time.

How to acquire prospects (leads) with chat support tools

In the previous chapter, we saw the benefits of e - mail marketing. Next, let's look at how to increase the number of people you send e-mail newsletters.

Chat support tool "ChatPlus" allows you to display a pop-up email address input form in addition to the chat window.

You can edit the title, item, background color, display position, etc. of the mail address input form freely. You can also display your logo and characters.
Let's set up an eye-catching design for site visitors and increase the potential customers.

Try to change the design of your lead

After deciding the design, consider the conditions for displaying the mail address input form. For example, you can show the lead only to specific people. Those who visited many times,  who stay the sate for a long time, etc.

Try to set start-up rules

Prospective customers data you gathered will accumulate in Chat Plus. ChatPlus allows you to connect to external systems with API cooperation. If you cooperate with mail delivery stand, SFA · CRM, etc., you can automatically deliver mail linked with other company's tools.


How was it?

Reading this article, you understand three effect of email marketing.
1 You can attract customers at lower cost
2 Information can be delivered at any time
3 Close to customers
Furthermore, you also made use of Chat Plus's "lead" function to acquire the prospect's e-mail address and ready to distribute e-mail magazines.

If you set up the mail address input form with the chat support window, you can acquire the prospect's email address and effectively approach it.
Do email marketing on a regular basis, increase contact with customers, create trusting relationships. These will contribute to sales up.

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