[Important update] Notice of application update accompanying update of Google notification function

Thank you for using ChatPlus.

Since June 1, 2018, we are planning to revise the rate plan by adding new functions to ChatPlus, aiming to provide higher quality services to customers.

If you are currently under contract, you can continue using the current contract amount. If you need information on the new plan, please contact us.

About new functions

  • Chatbot Plus, which can build advanced chat bots, has been carried on a full-scale operation. You can use it over the business light plan.
  • The reporting function has been enhanced so that you can report all the number of display of chat bots, button clicks, exits. You can use it over the business plan.
  • The log export has been expanded. Now it is available to download all the contents of the database in CSV file. You can use it over the business plan.
  • The knowledge base has been strengthened so that knowledge can be accumulated for each category and tag. You can use it over the premium plan.
  • By registering a synonym dictionary and utilizing IBM watson and Microsoft AZURE, AI can determine the best answer from knowledge and can respond in free word style. You can use it in the AI Chat Bot Plan.
  • Without knowledge of AI, now you can accumulate chatbot response history, correct incorrect answers, add new knowledge, and re-learn. You can use it in the AI Chat Bot Plan.

About New Plans

From 1 June 2018 new application
【Plan change】
[former] business plan ⇒ [changed name] Business lite plan
[former price] [annual contracts] 4,800 yen(month)
[new price] [annual contracts] 5,800 yen(month)
※The monthly contracts price will not be changed.

【Added plan】New business plan
[monthly contract] 16,800yen(month)
[annual contract] 15,800yen(month)
※We upgraded the function of history analysis (monthly charge of 10,000 yen), and installed by default.

【Plan change】Premium plan
[monthly contract] 30,000 yen(month)
[annual contract] 28,000 yen(month)
※The number of accounts increased, historical analysis (¥ 10,000 per month) was added, and the knowledge base function was updated.

【Add plan】AI chatbot plan
[monthly contract] 170,000 yen(month)
[annual contract] 150,000 yen(month)
※It works in conjunction with IBM watson and Microsoft AZURE and can automatically respond in the free word style without knowledge of AI.

New rate plans

The plans of ChatPlus are going to be five as follows.

  • Minimum plan:[monthly contract] 1,980 yen/month, [annual contract] 1,500 yen/month
  • Business lite plan:[monthly contract] 6,800 yen/month, [annual contract] 5,800 yen/month
    (This is the same rank plan to the former business plan)
  • Business plan:[monthly contract] 16,800 yen/month, [annual contract] 15,800 yen/month
    (the former business plan + log option + additional 1 ID)
  • Premium plan:[monthly contract] 28,000 yen/month, [annual contract] 30,000 yen/month
    (the former premium plan + log option + additional 2 ID)
  • AI chatbot plan:[monthly contract] 170,00 yen/month, [annual contract] 150,000 yen/month

※All prices above are exclusive of tax.

About functions for each plan

Please refer to the following table.

※New application for Economy Plan has ended.
※All prices above are exclusive of tax.

About chatbot+ and detailed settings

Until now, even with the minimum plan and the economy plan, some functions beyond the plan were available, but you can only use the standard functions of each plan from now.

Since June 20, we will delete the setting sequentially, so please adjust by the deadline.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

We look forward to working with you.

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