Manual chat operation seminar -The operation method to answer inquiries that had tripled because of COVID-19 with 95% rate of customer satisfaction-

With the impact of COVID-19, the communication method has been drastically changed. It became normal to work from home. In addition to calls and emails, there are companies who have been changed the customer support and sales window to chat because of this situation.

We are the leading company in the industry of user support・marketing using chat and chatbot in the world.

We believe that [If we are the company that is offering chat support system, we have to receive inquiries with chat too], so we have been installing our chat support system on our website since 2016 (when we founded the company), and we have been maintaining our customer satisfaction of about 95% as of 2020 June. We have the cutting-edge know-how of customer support and inside sales using chat.

ChatPlus can be used by anyone easily, but there are appropriate operation method and system according to the increase of customer satisfaction, CVR and acquire of the customers with high loyalty. In this seminar, we will explain the method to maximize customer experience. With this, we are sure that you can successfully operate chat whether you are B to B company or B to C company.

We will explain OUR know-how which we have been cultivating for four years, so if we judged that you are the person to give this information to our competitors, or using free email address like Gmail and Yahoomail, we cannot accept you for this seminar. Please be mindful of that.

Seminar content

First part Chat operation method

・Why do you need an operator to manually respond to chat
・The change of demand to chat with COVID-19
・Advantage and disadvantage of AI
Lecturer : Yoshihito Nishida (ChatPlus Co., Ltd. CEO)

Second part Introducing secret to have 95% rate of customer satisfaction

・7 point to increase customer satisfaction
・Convenient tool of ChatPlus
・Original chat system we have been cultivating for 4 years
Lecturer : Touhei Miura (ChatPlus Co., Ltd. Chief Sales Director)




●People who want to know chat system and chat support
●People who want to utilize chat to increase inquiries and conversions
●If you want to decrease support cost because there is too many inquiries
●If you want to decrease cost by replacing call support to chat support
●People who want to utilize chat to increase customer satisfaction
●If you want to utilize chat for lead nurturing
●People who had installed Chatbot from other company but did not work
●People who are considering installing ChatPlus
●People who are already using ChatPlus and want to utilize more



How to apply

In order to register for this seminar, you would have to register it in advance. Please register for it from the URL below.
After registering, we will send out URL before the date of the seminar.

※We would use Zoom for seminar. The link below is to test if it works on your device, so please check if it works beforehand.

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このE Bookには、我々が数多くのサイトを活性化するうえで見つけた

  • チャットサポートシステムの利点
  • チャットサポートの体制
  • チャットボットの設計方法
  • 顧客満足度を高めるチャット術