Reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction with AI and manned hybrid chat

When you set up a chat on the web site, customers can feel free to ask questions and get answers on the spot, which increases customer satisfaction. When accepting questions from customers by chat, answers are performed manually (manned chat) by an operator or automatically by AI chat bot. It is costly that operators correspond everything, and customer satisfaction will not rise if chat bot do that. So now, it is increasingly used to use both chat bot correspondence and operator correspondence according to the situation demands, so that customer satisfaction can be raised while reducing the cost.

If you read this article, you understand
・How to classify questions to be handled by the AI chat bot and ones by operators
・Deal with chat efficiently  and increase customer satisfaction while reducing costs.

Questions to be handled by AI chat bot


If you answer with chat, you will notice that there are many questions that came before.  Check chat history with customers, and register frequently asked questions in the chat bot. If you answer automatically with a chat bot, you can reduce the burden on the contact person. Moreover, responding to chat daily and repeating the review of the settings of the chat bot regularly, you can raise the accuracy of the chat script. Many companies prepare a help page for "Frequently asked questions". As a creator of a website, there may be many who think that it is enough if you ask a FAQ to refer to the help page. However it rarely happens that customers go to the help page and search the question themselves, and most of the customers still have doubts, or they contact to the support desk. If you set up a chat bot, customers do not have to find out the answers themselves, and they can easily get informed. Moreover, you can lead to doubts that customers did not even notice.

Then, if there are many frequently asked questions in the original help page or chat history, let's focus on the top questions to register in the chat bot. If there are many choices, the customer gets lost, can not reach the content they want to know, and customer satisfaction will go down.
The number of chat bots is at most about 150. If it exceeds 150, please review the design.
As a rough guide, it is best to create 5 options in 3 layers.

Setting the chat bot (management screen)

Questions to be completed by automatic response by bot

Let's reduce support cost. Using chat bot, you can automatically deal with Questions such as question which does not branch complicatedly for each customer.
For example, an automatic response by a chat bot is enough for the following questions.
・Do not know the login ID and password
・Order or cancel items
・About shipping time of goods
・Reservation of facilities and restaurants
・About access to the store
・Seminar reservation
・Get sales representative's appointment
・Order for BtoB product
・About business hours
・About price
・About functions
・Diagnosis content
・Temporary response by chat bot

Working in conjunction with the system you already have, you can respond, book reception and order. It will automate the work, leading further cost reduction and better operation.

If you prepare a choice button beforehand in chat, customers do not have to type in sentences, so it will be easier to ask questions. Just by pressing each option button, the reply reaches soon, and the customer feels less stressful.

With Chat Plus, you can set up chat bots under various conditions such as "elapsed time after site / page display", "first visitor", "inflow from specified page", "user's remarks match".
Since there are data that 90% of customers who visited the homepage leave within 30 seconds, if you set it to speak with your chat bot in about 15 seconds after visiting the page, it can help to prevent leaving the site.

Setting the chat bot (management screen)

Questions for "Operator support (manned chat)"

Questions from a prospective customer

Prospective customers, who are likely to buy or contact, have more specific questions. Prospective customers sometimes have questions that have never been before, or questions that the company has not anticipated, so there are many cases that will not fit the contents prepared by the chat bot.
In order to have them ask questions freely, it is a good idea to prepare the "I want to talk with the operator" button on the option, and guide them to the conversation with the operator.

For example, when a customer visits and the page staying time is long, there are some doubts and uneasiness that do not lead to purchase / contract despite being interested in the product. If you leave it as it is, there is also the danger that they will be deprived of by the competitors despite considering their products. With operator response, if you solve the customer's doubts and uneasy points and let him understand the superiority to other company's products, it leads to purchase · contract.

Questions that can not fit in single response

Chatbot returns the same answer to various customers. Customers may not be satisfied with correspondence with only chat bots when needs are different for each customer such as real estate, talent, insurance products, high price merchandise, or when promotion is promoted by consent or empathy. And it might lead to missing the opportunity. It is recommended that operators respond to each customer, introduce products suited to the customer, and raise purchasing willingness through interactions unique to humans such as consent and sympathy.

With Chat Plus, you can check the customers currently visiting the site and speak to the customer from the operator. Increase contact points with customers actively, and raise the trust of your company.

Confirmation of visitor list (management screen)


How was it? Reading this article, you understand the difference between questions to be handled by the AI chat bot and ones by operators.
Let's respond automatically with the chat bot to  FAQ and questions which can be solved by automatic response.
Ask questions from prospective customers or ones that does not fit in a single answer, let the operator answer manually.

A good combination of chat bot response and operator response will reduce the burden on the contact person and reduce support costs while increasing customer satisfaction and leading to conversions.
Please refer to this article by all means and please do effective chat operation.

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