November 20 (Wednesday) News of Chatbot Latest Information Seminar

The sunset will be faster and the coolness of the morning and evening will make you feel late autumn. It seems to be a lie that the summer day lasted a while ago. Now, we are going to hold a chatbot update seminar at 15: 30 on Wednesday, November 20, which has been attended by many customers every month and has received high praise. As a world-leading company in the industry, we are building chatbots for new companies at a rate of more than 100 per month, with over 5,000 accounts as of October. As a result of repeated efforts related to chat and chatbots, and a lot of achievements,...続きを読む

Friday, November 15 Announcement of chat & chatbot setting class

The autumn has deepened, and the autumn leaves are in full bloom. When you look at the colorful colors, you can feel your heart. Now, we will hold a monthly chat and chat bot setting workshop organized by Chat Plus on Friday, November 15, 2019. We are a leading company that produces successful results every day in the field of user support and marketing using chat and chatbots. This setting workshop is a very popular program that allows you to proceed with the setting while listening to your requests in a small session. ChatPlus provided by our company can build a state-of-the-art chat bot for 1,500 yen per month, and...続きを読む

November 2019 Announcement of Operation Consultation Meeting

The streets are turning to Halloween, and the busy season is finally starting towards the end of the year.   Chat bots are effective during busy times. We are a leading company that produces successful results every day in the field of user support and marketing using chat and chatbots. Chat Plus is easy for anyone to use, but you can make it more effective by changing the settings depending on the service, operation method, and purpose.       At the Operation Consultation Meeting, the person in charge of our company will hear about the issues and what they want to achieve and propose specific solutions for the following...続きを読む

LINE penetration rate for 50s breaks 85%! The era of selling things by chat has arrived

Chat is placed on the WEB site in the US, European countries and China regardless of industry type of business. In addition to telephone and e-mail, chat is used as a means for companies and users to communicate, and it is said that things will no longer be sold if there is no chat on the WEB site. One of the advantages of chat is that it makes conversion easier. For example, don't you feel uneasy when you buy clothes and shoes on a mail-order site? Want to know the exact size Want to know the testure Want to know when to be arrived・・・etc Even if you read product descriptions...続きを読む

Six reasons why chat tool is effective for BtoB marketing

When you hear chat support, you may image services such as EC site and manufacturer support of users Certainly, the channel called chat is very effective for BtoC's service. By using it, you can improve the response speed to inquiries, improve customer satisfaction with it, and reduce operator costs. Many companies are now working on chat support that only some foreign-affiliated manufacturers have been working on. However, about half of companies (about 250 companies) that introduced our ChatPlus are companies that provide BtoB services. It is not used as user support, but as a marketing tool to acquire deals. This article summarizes the six reasons why chat will be a...続きを読む

Five points to increase conversions by 30% using chat on EC site

Have you noticed that some EC site have chat inquiry window? From the bottom right of the screen, a pop-up will display an announcement such as "Please contact us by chat if you have any questions", and you can inquire by chat with clicking. Currently, many EC sites are advancing the introduction of chat. It is because you can expect the following effects if you introduce chat. ・Sales increase by 30% ・Support cost can be reduced by 70% ・Customer satisfaction increases to 90% This time, I will explain why this kind of effect can be obtained by installing chat at EC site. If you are an EC site operator, be...続きを読む

Chat bot free white paper released ~to Increase sales by 200% and reduce operating costs by 70%~

Chat Plus is one of Japan's leading chat support systems providers. We received a lot of opinions from customers and partners, and we are continuously improving day by day. And now we have become one of Japan's leading chat bot providers. While using the latest technology, our company faces chat bot not only from technology but also from customer's and operator's perspective. "How can a customer's business succeed?" "Can not you create a mechanism to alleviate the operational burden of customers?" We constantly seek to improve our services.   The white paper we made this time is an E-book that summarizes the information gathered independently and the know-how we have...続きを読む

Eliminate anxiety about introducing chat support tool at once! ! TOP 3 Questions before introduction

This time, I gathered three of the most frequently asked questions from those before chat introduction, for those  who " would like to use the chat support tool, but worried about the operation at thier company" You may have many questions about chat, and there may be some uneasy people to introduce immediately. Reading this article, you can eliminate those questions and introduce chat smoothly Please read. Frequently asked questions before introduction(1) Whether you have to watch the chat screen all the time after introducing chat First, when a company considers about introducing chat, the following problems are often seen. "I would like to introduce chat, but I am busy...続きを読む

AI chat support improves business efficiency! 3 steps to create logic 2 steps effect operation

This article is especially for those who ・Have a lot of similar inquiries from customers ・Perform troublesome support work ・Provide many support by telephone and e-mail If you read this article, you can ・Automatically answer FAQ and reduce the trouble of handling ・Simplify support and will not be chased by miscellaneous tasks ・Reduce inquiries by phone and e-mail, and concentrate on other tasks "AI (artificial intelligence)" In recent years, opportunities to hear this word have increased. As you know, "AI" is expected to be utilized in various industries and fields. "AI" is spreading in lots of sectors and fields, and now, attention is paid to improving work efficiency by "AI"....続きを読む

Seven cases to utilize chatbot for enterprise marketing

In recent years, the introduction of chat bot has been on the rise in Japan, and opportunities to see in various places such as corporate homepages and smartphone applications have increased. Many companies may be considering the use of chatbot as a tool to boost the purchase of products by visitors, and a tool to eliminate questions and concerns on the spot. On the other hand, there are still many cases where the introduction image to our company is vague In this article, we will introduce examples of using chatbot for marketing. You can find tips on using chatbot on your site from examples of using chat bots in various...続きを読む