LINE penetration rate for 50s breaks 85%! The era of selling things by chat has arrived

Chat is placed on the WEB site in the US, European countries and China regardless of industry type of business.

In addition to telephone and e-mail, chat is used as a means for companies and users to communicate, and it is said that things will no longer be sold if there is no chat on the WEB site.

One of the advantages of chat is that it makes conversion easier.

For example, don't you feel uneasy when you buy clothes and shoes on a mail-order site?

Want to know the exact size
Want to know the testure
Want to know when to be arrived・・・etc

Even if you read product descriptions and reviews, you do not understand well, the anxiety can not be resolved.
Finally  getting reluctant to do buy.

Don't you have such a experience?

If it is a real store you can ask the clerk, but that does not work on the internet.

Even if a phone number is written, even if there is an inquiry form, most users will leave without resolving anxiety.

Recently, due to the spread of smartphones, the contact time to the web site has become fragmented, and it is less likely to go around one web site.

It is normal to leave if there is not information users want. They tend to give up earlier than before.

For such users, chat can provide optimal support for the following two reasons.

①Understandable with short sentences
②Replies come back immediately

Due to the spread of communication tools such as LINE, Twitter and Messenger, users request short sentence and instant communication, and communication close to conversation.

Also, I think that there are many people who feel that chat is only for young people, but the generational penetration rate of LINE is over 85% even in their 50s.

※the generational penetration rate
Source:MMD Research Institute / Smartphone User Investigation

Chat has become a communication tool that can handle most generations.

It is extremely natural that conversion becomes easier if you can solve a little anxiety of users in short sentence immediately.

Of course short sentence and instant communication is not limited to mail-order site.

It is common to every website such as finance, human resources, education and CtoC · BtoB services.

It is required to resolve what customers want to know, uneasy things and concerns before they leave the WEB site.
An era of selling goods by chat has arrived.

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