17% of 300 chat cases per month became free trial and inquiries! Installation of ChatPlus directly affected to the increase of conversion.

Human Technologies, Inc. Service Design section Manager Manami Toyota Channel Development section Inside Sales Team Chisako Futatsu

Please explain your company's service and characteristics.

Mis.Toyota: We plan, develop and operate a cloud attendance management system called [KING OF TIME]. We have a labor officer in our company, and [KING OF TIME] manages and have function related to work style reform like upper limit regulation of non-business hours, and obligation to take annual paid leave. Since April 2019, we have been receiving inquiries related to work style reform, and it is one of our characteristics to respond to those customers.
We have many ways to put times. It can put times with face recognition, put time when enter/leave room, put time with chat, and put time with Wi-Fi. Many of our customers use ways to put time with IC card, and finger print recognition. Now we have a trend of working remotely, and [KING OF TIME] also can handle those with just 300 yen/person a month and you can acquire location too, so you can prevent putting time wrongly. Also, you can grasp attendance in real time and can output fast, so we get a lot of good feedback. As you can see, [KING OF TIME] has many functions, for work style reform too, and also it can be used over seas, so it is being used widely.

What task did you have before installing ChatPlus?

Mis.Toyota: Normally, our customers would make inquiries with the form in the [KING OF TIME] site, but after that, it was a problem that we had to always follow up with the numbers of emails. The situation was such that it could be solved quickly and takes time and effort on the side of internal sales. Most of the inquiries were easy Q&A like just sending site's URL or sending a message like "you can use this by 300 yen" so we felt it would be inconvenient for both ends emailing to each other for every inquiries.
We were looking for tools to improve customer experience, to start 30 days free trial smoothly for customers, which would lead to the work improvement of inside sales. We thought that these could be solved all with a chatbot so we went to exhibitions and compared 5-6 companies.

What was the conclusive factor to choose ChatPlus comparing with other chat tools?

Mis. Toyota: We considered various chat tools, however, their monthly cost seemed expensive. We have been managing our customers using Salesforce, so it was our priority to choose a chat tool that can be linked with Salesforce. And we met ChatPlus.
The reason why we chose ChatPlus is the the high flexibility for customization. We thought it was excellent to flexibly change the design with CSS, and can customize to the home page. We did not want to overlap with other competitors, so we decided to go forward with ChatPlus to differentiate ourselves with designs.

How do you operate ChatPlus?

Mis.Toyota: We installed ChatPlus on our company's website'S TOP page, and used cases page. On TOP page, we customized not to show the chat at first, because we want the customers to see the TOP page and main video, so when the customers scroll, the chat will be shown.
The customized TOP page

Mis. Futatsu: Our inside sales team is conducting responses to customers which were switched to manual chat operators from Chatbot. Normally we are working from home and conducting inside sales, and respond to 2-3 inquiries per day, connecting them to free trial smoothly.

How did it affect you by installing ChatPlus?

Mis. Toyota: Questions that can be answered easily are answered by the chatbot, so the number of email exchange that inside sales team was conducting is decreased drastically.

Mis. Futatsu: I think so too. Inquiries about cost and the function to put time, those inquiries were decreased because the customers can know without making inquiries by calls, instead they can know with Chatbot. To the operators, specific inquiries have increased, and the operators can now focus on those specific questions because there's no longer inquiries that are too easy to answer.

Mis. Toyota: The customers who are making inquiries to manual operator, they are the one who are using [KING OF TIME] more deeply. It is a huge effect by installing ChatPlus that operators are able to respond to those hot customers more politely and with time.
In fact, we shared report withing the team after a month-two month installing ChatPlus, and we got a good feedback saying that the conversion through chat is drastically increased. Now, we have about 300 cases of chat visitors per month, and among those, 50 cases (17%) of customers proceed to free trial or inquiries.

What do you value the most of ChatPlus?

Mis.Toyota: We value the most about the support from the beginning. When we don't know what to do or which function we want to try, they would get back to us through chat fast and that is very helpful. We have been using not only chat tool but also other marketing tools, but ChatPlus has the best support system out of all.

Do you have any plans to use ChatPlus after this?

Mis. Toyota: We want to use ChatPlus not only for [KING OF TIME] but also for other services. Also, we have not been able to link with analytic tool that can track customer's activity, so we want to make that possible too.
We have not been able to use ChatPlus fully, so we want to utilize it at its fullest and decrease the work of inside sales team. The best scenario is that our customer would go for 30 days free trial without being contacted to us. We want to create scenario to smoothly guide our customers to free trial and complete only by chat.

At last, please leave a message for people looking at this home page.

Mis. Toyota: Recently, the law about work style reform has been enforced and the attendance management of employees has been stricter than before. Forget about the management with paper time card, and change it with putting time with Smartphone, finger print authentication, in/out of the room, and face recognition. The merit of installing attendance management system by managing it real time and can protect your company and employees.
Right now, [KING OF TIME] owns No.1 share in the cloud attendance management, and you can do the 30 days free trial with all the functions available. The content that you tried in free trial can be handed over to the production environment, so if you are interested, you could try out for free. You can make a contract from just one person and there is no minimum limit for number of people to make a contract. You can use it from 300yen per person. If you want to add functions like finger print authentication or in/out room, then there will be cost applied, however, if it is only putting time with PC or Smartphone, then it is included in 300 yen/month.

Mis. Futatsu:The screen is very simple and it is easy to see, and the support system is organized. You can try it and see in the free trial, so please try it.

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