JAL (Japan Airlines) installed Chatbot for their work style reform. Using chat for inside-company information and decreased 30% of inquiries in a month!

Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.
Human Resource Department, HR Strategy Department, Work style reform promotion group, Group leader
Masakatsu Kamiya

What are you working on in Work style reform promotion group?

Mr.Kamiya: Work style reform promotion group is a department with the purpose to change the work style of Japan Airline's employees and make the environment where employees can enjoy working. We have been doing work manually which we could do automatically up to now. But our department have the purpose to replace those works that can be done automatically so we started installing various IT tools like chat tool, automatic translation tool, and robot called RPA.

You have installed ChatPlus as a system for employees. What system did you install and what task did you have before installing ChatPlus?

Mr.Kamiya: We are conducting Communication of information with employees through intranet. We are giving out information like "Human resource or procedure of general affair", "What do I do if I have new member in my family?", "What if I want to change the bank account?", "What if I want a break around New Year's?", and numerous more information are on it and employees would have to look through the intranet to acquire information.
However, the information pages has thousands of pages, and it was very hard to get to the information they need. Because the information was too hard to find, there were about 300 cases of calls and emails of inquiries a day.
We thought of how to decrease the amount of cases and make the employees get to the information faster and easier. We met ChatPlus then. To make both ends happy, the one who makes inquiry and the one who receives it.

We are planning to install ChatPlus for this general affair information service for employees by 2020/04/01. Before that, we have started to use ChatPlus for airline ticket distribution service's communication of information for employees on 2019/12/03.

We understand that you have considered other chat tool. what was the conclusive factor to choose ChatPlus?

Mr.Kamiya: We have installed Chatbot for recruitment and ticket reservation for our customers. However, for this time, it was for inside the company, so we could not cost that much money on it. We prioritized things like "To get to the information fast" and "Not much work to operate", and chose four companies' chat tools.

After considering four products in about 50 contents with 8 members,
ChatPlus has the best evaluation of all.
All 8 members have chosen ChatPlus as No.1 appropriate for the purpose. I felt that ChatPlus is doing the best they can to minimize cost and maximize its function. We know that some other companies are just adding on functions as their customer request them to do and it's often not organized. However, for ChatPlus, it was well organized, so we decided to go with ChatPlus.

In addition, ChatPlus was flexible enough to partner up with us. It was an another important point which is the compatibility with our company.

Did you value our flexibility of ChatPlus the most?

Mr.Kamiya: Yes. Generally a company offering SaaS service with monthly cost would not construct chat support tool with customers side by side. For us, it was important that we have someone to consult to freely about how we construct the chat menu in order not to bother customers, how to make them stay in chatbot, and so on.
We chose ChatPlus because we thought that ChatPlus has the ability and flexibility to keep up with what we are asking for.

This time, you have started the chat after a month of installation. How was ChatPlus's response?

Mr.Kamiya:The exchange with ChatPlus was like we asked a question "Can we do this?" and ChatPlus answered with plus alpha to the answer. We have decided to start early for airline ticket distribution service prior to the other services, but we made it possible to start the chat just after a month of installation, and we are sure that it was possible because of the devoted and speedy work of ChatPlus.

How do you operate ChatPlus?

Mr.Kamiya: In the company JAL Sunlight general center which we are consigning our general affairs, there are 20 people who are distributing the airline tickets to employees in JAL. One of them is in charge of the maintenance of ChatPlus, updating Chatbot's questions and answers. We are operating ChatPlus as the one who receives the inquiries decide which questions are asked frequently and put that in the Chatbot. We are completely consigning ChatPlus' operation to that company, so that they would think and operate however they want to do according to their needs.
ChatPlus is very easy to update and change the contents. When we are assessing from few chat companies, the ease of maintenance was one of the important contents, so we value ChatPlus in that aspect too.

How did it affect you by installing ChatPlus?

Mr.Kamiya: 100 cases in 300 cases per day was about the airline ticket. We cannot say exactly because we just started the service, but after the installation of ChatPlus, the inquiries decreased about 30% of those 100 cases.
We think that it was a huge change to how we work by decreasing the number of inquiries and make the employees solve their problem on their own. In addition, we are thinking about adding manual chat operation, so that would change how we work drastically more.
After installing ChatPlus and started operation on 12/3, chat has been drawing attention from many department inside the company. Other departments are saying "We want to install chat too.", "How is the cost?", or "How long does it take to install?".

Do you have any plans to use ChatPlus after this?

Mr.Kamiya: From now on, not only general affairs and HR, but also we want to expand the use of chat support system to accounting and supply chain which has numerous inquiries and struggle with dealing with them all. I am in charge of changing how employees work in our company so I am thinking to install chat more to increase efficiency on customer's end and bettering worker's life, and ChatPlus is one of the method to accomplish that.

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