Utilize chat for BtoB inside sales. Change over 60% of inquiries to business cases.

Piped Bits Co., Ltd.
Inside sales department Manager
Yusuke Ito

Please explain your company's service.

We offer service called SPIRAL. It is a production tool on Web based on the data base, and it is called PaaS.
In easy terms, it is like building blocks of parts which is on Web and offer customers the best solution.
Our company started off as email distribution service, but with many information stored in our system from customers, we improved to this form by utilizing those information.
SPIRAL has its database in the core, prepare form, send out an email for survey and send out information of seminars based on that survey. You do not need a professional knowledge, so even if you are a office worker, you can create Web service from the management page.

Please tell us what you do

I am in charge of our company's inside sales from the very beginning. Inside sales is the department that first respond to the lead that marketing department gathered. Each customer has its needs. The timing is different too from who want to install SPIRAL right away to who just looking through as an option. According to those needs and timing, we offer a best fit information to each customer and connect with them. When connecting with them over and over, when a customer is searching for help, we offer to solve it with SPIRAL and get an appointment.
Before, the sales style to just get lots of appointments from the list was normal. However, those style might not be a fit because the customers want information in their timing and do not want to cost time.
In inside sales, it is important to keep the contact with customers and keep the good relationship between companies.

Do you manage your company's inside sales with SPIRAL?

Yes, of course. You can maximize SPIRAL's data base effect when using it for inside sales. We use function called MA (Marketing Automation) at the same time, so you can manage what page has the person seen and how long has this person been interested in the page.

What made you decide to install chat?

In order to increase contact point with customers. Before, the contact point with customers were only inquiries form and calls. Instead, chat was useful for customers who are thinking it is [Not enough to make an inquiry but want to hear a little bit about the program].
From the prospective of inside sales, we are thinking to offer information not only to people with needs, but also to who has little interest.

We do not ask for customer's information when starting a chat. It has its system for people to ask freely without worrying about leak and sales.

Have you compared with other chat tools?

Yes, we did. In fact, we had already decided to install other chat tool right before we met ChatPlus. We discovered about ChatPlus when we were doing procedure with other company.
We decided to go with ChatPlus because of the exceptionally chaep price of operation cost. At that time, we were worrying because the cost was too cheap. We thought that function was okay level if it was that cheap. However, when we talked with sales person, we realized that ChatPlus has more functions than we need.
In ChatPlus, you can customize various things like chatbot function in management screen. The user interface looks like it is to communicate well with customers.

How did it affect you by installing ChatPlus?

The result was excellent. You can communicate with customers in a conversation form in chat, so you can going into deep conversation but at the same time do an easy chat. We have the result of which among those inquiries, 62% of it became the business case. And 20% of it proceeded as a sales appointment.
Now, a month has passed after starting the operation, and it has already showing good result.

What would be the next deployment?

We are thinking that ChatPlus could be used in our customer support. Even right now, we are receiving inquiries related to customer support and it is about 20% of inquiries. In ChatPlus, it has a function to route the pushed button to the applicable operator, so it is easy to expand from here.
In other team, it is proceeding to link ChatPlus and SPIRAL. Considering the potential to link functions of ChatPlus and SPIRAL, which the information you got from the chat to reflect it in the data base in SPIRAL.

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