【Notice of important update】Chatbot+ is correspondent to foreign time zone

Thank you for using Chat Plus.
We are letting you know that we will be conducting an important update.
Until this point, Chatbot+'s rules were designated to Japanese time, however, with the update which has been made, it is also correspondent to foreign time zone.

【Overview】Chatbot+ is correspondent to foreign time zone

【Content】About Chatbot+'s rule, time designation, day designation, and date designation, we have been corresponding with Japanese time. We have changed it to whichever the time zone the site is set.

【Impact Range】Customers who are operating home pages' time zone other than Japanese time, and using Chatbot+'s rule, date designation, day designation, and time designation.

【Updating data】2018/11/19 13:00PM

【Requests】If you have been setting up right now, please proceed to change the time zone to the time zone the home page is in. Please be mindful and help us get more internationalized.

【Note】In Chatbot+, you can set to the time zone wherever they want including summer time. Please use it by all means.


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