Salesforce integration

Operation on ChatPlus

Plan needed

To use Salesforce integration, you need to subscribe to the Business Lite plan or higher plans, and this option costs 10,000 yen/month.

Salesforce integration is an option.
For more information, please refer to the page below.
Cost of ChatPlus
*This information dates from June 2019, the specification of Salesforce could change. Please be mindful of that.

Integration method

(1) Click the setting button on the upper right of the management page.

(2) Click [External app]>[App] on the left side of the screen.

(3) Click the site you want to link with Salesforce from the pull down.

(4) Click [Salesforce] in the list of apps.

(5) The page below will display. Check and choose in each content.
1:Click and choose the default agent from the pull down to register in activity history of Salesforce.
2:When you check, if the visitor is already registered in Salesforce, the chat history will be automatically recorded to Salesforce chat activity when the chat ends.
3:When you check this, the visitor registered as lead in ChatPlus will be registered as lead in Salesforce.
4:When registering lead in ChatPlus, click and choose the agent to register for activity history in Salesforce from the pull down.
5:Check this, and when the information of Salesforce is updated, the visitor information in ChatPlus will be updated. *It will be activated when the chat ends.
6:Click and choose the person in charge of the Salesforce integration from the pull down.

How to link visitor of ChatPlus to Salesforce

(1) When you link Salesforce and ChatPlus, the icon of [Salesforce] will be shown at the top of management screen.

If the visitor is already registered to Salesforce, the Salesforce icon will be blue, otherwise the icon is gray.

(2) If you click the grey icon, the registration screen of Salesforce will be shown in a different window. Set for each content and click [Register]. *If you click blue icon, the visitor page in Salesforce will open.
1:Link visitor to the lead of Salesforce or as person in charge for exchange. If you want to search existing lead or person in charge, click the [Magnifying glass] button and search. If there is no applicable lead or person in charge, click the [+] button and you can newly register lead or person in charge.
2:Choose an agent to register in Salesforce.

(3) If the activity log is created, the message below will be shown.

Operation on Salesforce

Plan needed

A subscription to Sales Cloud's Enterprize Plan or above is needed.

Method to link

(1) Log into Salesforce and open [Application launcher] from the management screen.

(2) Click [Access to AppExchange].

(3) Enter [ChatPlus] in the searching form at the top of the screen and click [ChatPlus] in the result.

(4) Follow the screen and click [↓Obtain now], and install ChatPlus app to Salesforce environment.

(5) After installing, open [Application Launcher] again and click [ChatPlus] setup.

(6) Click [Login ChatPlus], the login screen of ChatPlus will be shown, so enter the login information of the person in charge of the Salesforce integration  and click [Login]. *If you are already logged in to ChatPlus, the login screen will be skipped.

(7) Agent's name of logged in account and the agent's site will be displayed, click the site you want to link Salesforce with and click [Start linkage].

(8) Authentication popup will be shown and the message [Linkage has started] is shown, the procedure to link with Salesforce is completed.


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