Only need a minute! ChatPlus free trial register guide

Start chat in your home page!

Chat is a support tool which is faster than emails and easier than phone calls. Install it in the home page, it would increase inquiries, sales, and customer satisfaction. ChatPlus offers you a service to easily start that chat tool in your homepage.

By reading this article,

  • you will know how to install chat
  • you will start chat by free and immediately
  • you can increase inquiries and sales
  • you can receive inquiries smoothly and increase the quality of service level
  • you can differentiate yourself from rivalries by introducing cutting-edge service

If you install chat, your service will go up drastically. Please read this article first and try our 10 days free trial. ※ It would not switch to pay plan automatically. You can try the free trial with no cost.  

Register customer information

(1)Enter <> in the address bar and open top page.

(2)Click [Apply for free trial]

(3)Enter [Name], [Email address], [Password], and [Site URL] and click [Register free trial].

Install chat to your home page

(4)Copy the code displayed at the center of the screen.

(5)Paste the tag you copied in your homepage's code before </body> tag.

For more information about the method to update homepage, please refer to[Basic setting~Easy installation guide~], [2-2.Update home page].

(6)Go back to screen in (4), and click [Next]. 

Enter site name・Change design

(7)Enter [Site name] and click [Register and Next]. ※If you want to add chat operator, click [+Add operator] in this screen.

(8)Change colors if you need to and click [Set an Next].

For more information about change of design, please refer to [Basic setting~Easy installation guide~], [4.Change chat desing].

Download App

(9)Click each banner displayed, and it would start downloading. Save, activate and use the app according to your environment.
※Access from your smartphone if you have App Store and Google play.

(10)Click [Complete setting] and if the screen below is shown, it means the setting is completed. You can start chatting right away.

Let's Start!

How was it? It really is easy to set the chat to your home page.

If you read this article and set it as it said, we are sure that it was very easy to install the chat window. With this,

  • you can start chat by free and easy
  • it would increase inquiries and sales
  • you can receive inquiries smoothly and increase service level
  • you can differentiate yourself with rivalries with cutting-edge service

If you do not know what to do, do not worry.
From the chat window installed at the bottom right of this page, you can ask your questions anytime.

By installing chat, your service can up your game drastically. You can try our 10 days free trial.


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