How to add agent?

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This is how you add agent to Chat Plus<br />

You could add several agents to your Chat Plus.</p>

<div class="information">For more details about agent, refer to the<a href="/?p=11969"><span class="bold">What is agent, account, and site?</span></a>.</div>

<p><span class="bold">(1)</span> Press the button on the right upper of management screen.<br />

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<p><span class="bold">(2)</span> Press “Agent” on the left of the page.<br />

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<p><span class="bold">(3)</span> Press “Add agent” on the upper.<br />

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<p><span class="bold">(4)</span> Put the name of agent you add and press “Register” button.<br />

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<div class="sp-info">●<span class="bold">Display name</span><br />

 <br />

●<span class="bold">Agent Name</span><br />

 Fill in the name displayed on chat management screen for inside the company.<br />

●<span class="bold">Email Address</span><br />

 Put your email address (You’ll use it to log in).<br />

●<span class="bold">Password</span><br />

 Put your password and use it to log in.<br />

●<span class="bold">Site</span><br />

 Check the site you will handle.<br />

●<span class="bold">Authority</span><br />

 Choose Manager or General agent.<br />

●<span class="bold">Chat</span><br />

 If your chat are distributed automatically, you could choose answer the chat or not when visitors start chat support. If you want to answer, it will be distributed automatically until visitor’s simultaneously access surpasses the limit number. When it will be over the limited number, the newest will be waiting status.<br />

●<span class="bold">Reception time</span><br />

 Adjust when you will accept the chat.<br />

●<span class="bold">Receive Emails</span><br />

 If you check the “Daily Report” box, daily report is sent to you. If you check “Tickets Mail”, you receive the context of tickets mail ever time the ticket is issued.</div>

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<p><span class="bold">(5)</span> Confirm that agent you add is displayed.<br />

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<div class="information">The agent with ★stamp in thumbnail is “Super agent”(who can set payment and other important setting), and agent with key stamp is manager of chat.


<h3>Setting time zone</h3>

<p><span class="bold">(1)</span>Press “Detailed Setting”.<br />

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<p><span class="bold">(2)</span>Press your time zone from the pull down which is on the right of “Time Zone”.<br />

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<p><span class="bold">(3)</span>Press “Update” button.<br />

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