What are account, site, operator?

Here, it explains each about ChatPlus' s account, site, and operator.


Account is the ID issued when registered to free trial.
When you registered to ChatPlus, there will be an operator who has an authority of super manager. Super manager is an management user who can manage operator's information and all the sites. This person can decide on contract plan and access to payment information.


Site is an unit of homepage installing ChatPlus. ChatPlus can be managed to have chat in multile home page with one ID for home page operators who is running multiple home pages with only one person.
If you make multiple site, you can manage ChatPlus's tracking code for each site. For example, when one operator received multiple chats from multiple site, ChatPlus will let you know which customer came from where, or distribute the operators to each site, and operate to call for specific operator according to home pages.


Operator is the ID that can access to ChatPlus. If you prepare multiple operator, they can log in with different IDs and distribute chat to each operator.
ChatPlus enables you to login from multiple devices to one operator. For example, prepare one common operator and log into that with multiple people, then you can operate when the chat came, whoever is free can reply.


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