Not getting notification

There could be various reasons when you are not getting notification. Please check these settings below first.

Option content of notification setting

(1) Click on the account name at the top right of the management screen.

(2) Click on [Notification setting] from the pull down menu.

(3) Click on [Option].

(4) Check in necessary boxes and click [Register]. ※For example, you are not getting notification because you are offline at the moment, and you are set to get notification only when you are online.

Not getting browse notification

When you are not getting browse notification, please check below.  

Check browse

Check your browse you are using. Only Google Chrome, Firefox can use browse notification. ※You cannot use browse notification in Internet Explorer and Safari.  

Not authorizing notification in Chrome・Firefox

It is possible that you are not authorizing notification in Chrome and Firefox setting. The notification setting could be changed when the browse was updated. Please refer to this page below and see if [] is included in the list of notification authorization, if not, add that in the list. ■Switch [ON/OFF] notification (Google Chrome help)Web Push notification in Firefox (Firefox support)  

Nullification of Add-on

It is possible that you are not getting notification because of Add-on (tool to expand function). Try nullification of Add-on, and restart browse later.  

Check if there is no [Authorize] [Deny] buttons at the top of the browse screen.

In the notification setting in Google Chrome, click ON of [Authorize to confirm whether to send notification or not to the site]. After clicking ON, from the management page of ChatPlus, [Re register browse notification], and check to see if [Authorize] [Deny] buttons appeared. If the buttons are shown, click [Authorize].

For more information about re registering browse notification, please refer to [Notification setting].


Check pop up setting in Google Chrome

Check to see if [] is not included in [Setting]>[Display detailed setting]>[Privacy and security]>[Site setting]>[Popup and redirect]>[Authorize] in Google Chrome. If it is included, please delete it.  

Check notification authorization of Google Chrome

(1) Log into Chat Plus's management screen on Google Chrome browse.

(2) Click on the key mark on the left of address bar, and click [Authorize] from the [Notification] pull down.

(3) Click on [Reload] to reload the page in order to apply setting after it is updated.

Not getting app notification

When you are not getting app notification, these reasons below can be considered.  

Not setting up account on the app

After installing a notification app, you have to tie it up with your account.
Enter email address and password, and click on [Setting].

Not authorizing notification in the device

It is possible that device's notification setting is declining to get a notification like Concentration mode of Window10, Night mode of iPhone and other device's notification setting. Please refer to these pages below and check or change the setting. ■Switch On and Off of concentration mode in Windows 10 (Windows support)Use night mode in iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch (Apple support)Use notification function in Mac (Apple support)  

Check to see if the notification setting is ON in the OS side.

■Mac OS Choose browse you are using from [System environment setting]>[Notification] in PC, and in the setting screen, check to see the notification setting is not [Banner] or [Panel notification]   ■Windows10 (1) Click on setting icon in the PC start menu and open the setting screen.

(2) Click on [System].

(3) Click on [Notification and action].

(4) Scroll down and check to see if the browse's notification is ON.

If the problem is not solved with above

If the problem is not solved even if you checked the things above, contact us in the chat these points below.

【1】Defect symptoms
  App notification is not displayed in Windows10

【2】Contents you tried
  1)【Confirmed】Option content of notification setting
  2)【Unidentified】Check browse
  3)【Unidentified】Check notification of Chrome
  4)【Confirmed】Register account in notification app
  5)【Confirmed】Check notification setting of the device

【3】Log in information of ChatPlus
  password: chatplus123456

Notification of Chat Plus is delivered from each vendor's notification system.
The notification can be late because of these system status and notification policy of each vendor.
(For example, a policy to not sending or delay notification to devices that are unable to get notification because it is not turned on for a while can be set. )   In order to get notification with more accuracy, we are advising you to use like Browse notification, PC app notification, and Smartphone app notification, multiple type of notification


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