Not getting emails from ChatPlus

ChatPlus sends you emails like Daily Report.

However, if there is one time that email did not go through properly, the email delivery stops and emails after that won't be sent.

・Judged as spam
・Changed email address
・Email was blocked because the email was forwarded to phone email address.

Method to apply cancellation of distribution cancelled email

(1)When you log into management page while your email is recognized as distribution cancelled email, [!] mark will appear beside the operator's name at the top right of the screen.

(2)If you move to [Apply cancellation screen], check in the box beside the email address, and click [Apply cancellation].

(3)If you apply cancellation, staff will cancel the distribution canceled email and you can receive the emails from us again.

We cannot resend you the emails we sent out while your email was recognized as distribution canceled email. Also, we cannot examine why it stopped sending you emails, please be mindful of that.


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