Avoid customers to wait when you are not present

Support tool becomes an important contact point with customers and should operate carefully not to offend customers when operating it as customer service. Here, it explains how to reduce waiting time for customers when preparing chat window, and explaining 5 functions which ChatPlus has.


The average connection time and customer satisfaction is tightly related

Don't you have an experience of being waited when calling for support? There are numerous services like telephone line company, airline company, or E commerce company, and we are sure you have at least once got frustrated because it is not connecting to operators for a good amount of time.
There are many elements that can be called support window. One and main of it is call center, which they did a survey asking for [What caused you stress when calling for support] in 2015, and the thing that most related to customer support was [Average time until it connected].
When preparing to create support center, the planner would always think about the creation of manuals for operator, or How to speak to a customer, however, the most related and important thing to a customer satisfaction was [ASA: Average Speed of Answer)]. And you can say the same thing for chat window. According to a statistics data we acquired, the thing that is most important to customer satisfaction was [ASA].

To avoid customers to wait when you are not present

Therefore, in order to operate customer support in high level, it is important how fast you can respond to customer's request. It is important to keep SL(: Service Level) to show how it can be connected easily, and the CS(: Customer Satisfaction) is directly related.
Generally, most of the customers would end the connection if you will not answer chat and call within 30 seconds.
The longer you keep the customers wait, the more they have frustration, and you might make customers angry just for waiting.

In ChatPlus, we minimize ASA using four functions like Chatbot, offline reception etc. At the same time, we set to automatically change to offline when the operator is not present, and confine ABR(: Abandon Rate).
When the operator is not present, it still allows you to reply fast and send forms naturally, so it will not give customers dissatisfaction.


It differs depending on industry and service content, however most of the inquiries in the homepage, about 65-90% is frequently asked questions. We systematise it and automatically respond with Chatbot, even if the operator is not present, the customer can solve their problems with the Chatbot smoothly.

Automate first response

The most important thing is [ASA: Average Speed of Answer] for customer satisfaction. In ChatPlus, by letting Chatbot handle initial message, the message will be automatically sent when chat has started.
By replying fast with chatbot, you can reduce load for operators and minimize ASA, you can increase CS(: Customer Satisfaction).

Browse・App notification

By installing and registering ChatPlus notification app, it has a function to notify in desktop, browse, and smartphone app that the chat came. Also, ChatPlus allows you to register from multiple devices, and multiple people can log into one ID and notify all of them.

Online/Offline setting

When an unexpected work happened or visitor came, and you can't be on the chat at that moment, you can choose to be offline from the login screen, and you can hide chat reception, form reception and so on.

Set business hours

You can set operator's business hours from [Setting]>[Operator's setting].(Refer to Basic setting ~Easy installation guide [6. Setting of Chat reception time (business hours)]
By setting up business hours, you can chat with customers online during business hours and during non-business hours, the status becomes offline and display mail form (ticket form) automatically.

You can set the business hours in 15 minutes span on each day.
There is a function to set it offline according to holidays in Japan.



As you can see, in ChatPlus, by doing

  • Chatbot reception
  • Automate first response
  • Browse・App notification
  • Online/Offline setting
  • Set business hours

these things above, aiming for higher ASA (Average Speed of Answer) and increase customer satisfaction.

We hope you understood how ASA is important and by using ChatPlus, you can minimize ASA.

By combining various scenarios, let's create a great chat support system together with us!



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