Avoid customers to wait when you are absent

Support tools are the point of contact with customers in operating the service, so you must be careful not to be rude. Here, we will focus on 5 functions of ChatPlus, in order to reduce the waiting time of customers when preparing a chat window. 

Average connection time and customer satisfaction are tightly related

Didn't you have the experience of waiting when calling for support? There are numerous services like phone line company, airline company, or e-commerce company with which we are sure you have at least once got frustrated because you was not connecting to agents for a long amount of time.
There are many elements that can be called support window. One and main is call center, for which a survey has been made in 2015 and asking for [What caused you stress when calling for support]. It appeared that the factor the most related to customer support was [the average time until I'm connected].
When preparing a support center, you would always think about the creation of manuals for agent, or How to talk to a customer, however, the most related and important thing for customer satisfaction is ASA [ASA: Average Speed of Answer)]. And you can say the same thing for chat window. According to a statistics data we acquired, the thing that is most important to customer satisfaction was [ASA].

To avoid customers to wait when you are absent

Therefore, in order to operate customer support in high level, it is important how fast you can respond to customer's request. It is important to keep high SL (Service Level) to show how it can be connected easily, and the CS (Customer Satisfaction) is directly related.
Generally, most of customers would end the connection if there is no  answer or call within 30 seconds.
The longer you make the customers wait, the more they have frustration, and you might make customers angry just for waiting.

In ChatPlus, we minimize ASA using four functions like chatbot, offline reception etc. At the same time, we set to automatically change to offline when the agent is absent, and reduce ABR (Abandon Rate).
When the agent is absent, it still allows you to reply fast and send forms naturally, so it will not give customers dissatisfaction.


It differs depending on industry and service content, however among all homepage inquiries, about 65-90% are frequently asked questions. We systematize it and automatically respond with a chatbot, even if the agent is not present, the customer can solve their problems with the Chatbot smoothly.
Although it depends on the industry and service content, 65-90% of homepage inquiries are frequently asked questions. By systematizing them and letting the chatbot respond automatically, customers can complete inquiries smoothly even if the agent is absent.

Automatic first response

The most important thing is [ASA: Average Speed of Answer] for customer satisfaction. In ChatPlus, by letting the chatbot handle initial message, a message will be automatically sent when the chat starts.
By replying fast with a chatbot, you can reduce load for agents and minimize ASA, while increasing CS (Customer Satisfaction).

Browse/app notification

By installing and registering ChatPlus notification app, it has a function to notify in desktop, browse, and smartphone app that the chat came. Also, ChatPlus allows you to register from multiple devices, and multiple people can log into one ID and notify all of them.
If you install and register the ChatPlus notification app, you will be notified on desktop, browse, and smartphone app all at once when a chat starts. In addition, you can register to ChatPlus from multiple terminals at the same time, so many people can login with one ID simultaneously and respond thanks to notifications.

Online/offline settings

If you cannot operate a chat due to sudden tasks or sudden visitors, you can modify the chat reception to form reception or hide the chat by selecting offline from the login screen.

Set business hours

You can set agent's business hours from [Settings]>[Agents].(Refer to Basic settings ~Easy installation guide [6. Chat reception time settings (business hours)]
By setting up business hours, you can chat with customers online during business hours and also during non-business hours. At that time, the status becomes Offline and and an email form will be displayed (ticket form) automatically.

Business hours can be set in 15-minute increments for each day of the week.
There is also a function to set country holidays.


As you can see, in ChatPlus you can set

  • Chatbot reception
  • Automatic first response
  • Browse/ app notification
  • Online/Offline settings
  • Business hours

 for higher ASA (Average Speed of Answer) and to increase customer satisfaction.

We hope you understood how ASA is important and by using ChatPlus, you can minimize ASA.

By combining various scenarios, let's create a great chat support system together!


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