What is Chat Plus?

 Chat Plus is a chat tool equipped with AI for homepage owners.

With the advancement of Internet Technology, it became very easy to install a chat window to homepages. Chatting with your customer does not take much time as phone calls and it allows you to respond faster than emails, which leads to an increase in customer satisfaction. Chat Plus is a service that allows you to easily install  a chat window to your home page.



Chat Plus is like a messenger tool which you can easily use, and anyone can use this interface so even if you are a first time user, you can start a chat immediately. You can utilize detailed/careful responses by personnel, but at the same time response with AI, or automatic responses by the chatbot can be done.



In the visitor function, you can display a list of visitors to your homepage. With IP address or visiting status, you can see visitor's country, region, company information, device type (PC or smartphone), Browse type, and number of times visited.



The chat content within Chat Plus is 128 bit encrypted with SSL communication, so it is communicated safely. Also, the chat history is saved in encrypted data base. You can see chat response history from history menu.



You can receive tickets as an inquiry form when the operators cannot respond right away in cases like Non-business hours or when the operator is not present. The content visitors entered in the form becomes a ticket and the email will be sent to the visitor and the operator. Also, you can see from the management page the interaction of inquiries (from issuing ticket to replying to that).



You can acquire Email address of visitors to your home page. You can send out Update information or White paper by email.



You can check for number of chat, ticket, lead or satisfaction.

What did you think? Chat Plus is a chat tool which has numerous other functions. Please try our trials!


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