Do I need a dedicated chat agent?

Please find here the answer to the question [Do I need a dedicated chat agent?].

It depends on the service content or the purpose to install the chat of your company, however, if your company has not already a call center specialized in customer support, you would not need to newly hire agents for chat. It is more than enough for the current staff to reply back chat, just like phone calls. Also, considering the characteristics of the chat, it would not decrease customer satisfaction even if you took time, comparing to phone calls. Which means the agent/staff would feel more relaxed and the inquiries and work would come in to your company effectively.

You can operate with few agents until about 200 cases/month

It depends on the industry and service offered, but if you start customer support by chat, it would increase the number of inquiries. You can respond to multiple chats at the same time with just one agent, so you can respond to chat more smoothly than with phone calls. And also it is more interactive than emails, so you could operate with less stress. If you are operating with few people, ChatPlus recommends the followings.

  • Decide which person is going to be the main agent (preferably staff using PC), and if nothing special, then the main agent would answer.
  • If the inquiry is very technical and cannot be responded by the main agent, the initial message will be sent by the main agent the chat will be transferred to the person who know the response  ⇒The main agent could respond after confirming the content or the expert would login to ChatPlus and respond by himself.
  • If other agent would want to respond to that chat, they would send chat or call to the main agent and respond to the chat.

Add frequently asked questions to chatbot

When you handle many chats, you would see which questions are frequently asked. You can prepare chatbot answers according to frequently asked questions, so the chat will go smoothly for customers. And that would increase inquiries but decrease the labor for customer support. If you repeat this PDCA, the chatbot will improve, and smoothly respond to customers questions. The content of the chat will help improve the service site. Chat history would also be the indicator to improve service and site.

How was it? It would not take much time to install ChatPlus. Rather, by installing a chat window, you can respond to customers faster than emails and phone calls. At the same time, by installing the chat, it would bring customers closer to you and you would be able to easily identify their needs.


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