Safety of chat security

System Design

Chat Plus's online chat support system has a cutting-edge design plan which was made by technical members who supported over 1,000 companies, 10,000 medias, and hundreds of billions of PV. Experience a highest quality of not letting your customer wait for you and get a highest customer satisfaction.

Multiplexing application server

Chat Plus's online chat support application is installed on cloud platform on the internet. And those instance are saved in multiplexing instances, in different region (Japan and the U.S.), so that when environmental disaster happened, it would not crush, it still can be used in those times like that. Therefore, ChatPlus's online chat support application has higher occupancy rate and have no worries about system down.

Multiplexing data

The data saved in Chat Plus's online chat support system is being saved to specialized data server that is being different than online chat support application.
Also, those database are saved in multiplexed database which on the region (Japan and the U.S.) cloud platform, so there is no worries about getting lost.
Application browse through the database in the nearest region, so it makes it possible to response in a fastest way.
Also, it takes data's snapshot regularly, so it is savable if anything happened.

Encryption of data and communication

Chat Plus's data is being saved encrypted each user's ID, so there is no worries to be stolen, or leaked. Not only the content of the chat and each logs, but also communication including API, we take encrypted communication method with 128 bit encrypted key, so there is no worries for wiretapping.

Operating 24hours 365 days

Chat Plus's online chat support system is manually observed by server operation technician 24 hours 365 days.
We correspond fast to the situation when resources like CPU, memory, I/O etc is in shortage, always shut down wrongful access, and has structure that can scale out and up according to system's burden when campaigns and busy season happened. It would safely activate when it is campaign and busy season's simultaneous access.


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