Number of Accounts/Sites

What is Number of Accounts?

Number of accounts represents the ID to log into management page and the number of passwords for it.
You can log into one account with multiple people and multiple devices at the same time,
but if you prepare one account of each operator, these two are the merits.
●You can see who replied to who as a record
●Customers visiting will be distributed automatically and each operator can reply back from distant location.

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What is Number of Sites?

Number of Sites represent the number of scenarios you can create.
It is not the number of domains you install Chat Plus to.
You can operate in one site if you want to use the same chat in different domains.
You must use two sites when you want to install different chat scenarios in each [Recruit page] and [Product instruction page] and create different chatbot for each scenarios.
(It is possible to operate that in one site with creating rules on each URLs, however, it is easier to operate by having multiple sites.)

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