Can I change the plan?

You can change plans.
However, when changing plans, there are some things you need to be careful. Please see below.

When you want to upgrade plan if you are a year contractor

If you want to upgrade it in the middle of the year contract, you must pay remaining month's fee in difference.

When you want to upgrade to Business Plan from August from Business Light Plan which span for January - December.

Business Light Plan:9800 yen/month(price for year contract)
Business Plan:15800 yen/month(price for year contract)
You must pay the difference per month 10,000 yen × 4 months 40,000 yen in addition.

For more information about pricing, please refer to here.

If you want to downgrade plan if you are a year contractor

If you are a year contractor, you cannot downgrade plans. Please be mindful of that.

If you want to change plan when you are a monthly contractor

If you are paying with a credit card, you can change plan from the plan button.

If you are paying by bills, please make an inquiry to us by calls or emails. We will send the change application to you right away.


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