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Cases which connects to operators

When the chat status is [On Chat], it is connected to the operators. With these two cases, it will be connected to the operators.

■When the user entered freeword
■When you change status to [On Chat] in Chatbot+ rules ※You can set to hide the text area when chatbotting, and when the user clicked [Chat with operator] you can display the text area.

When it does not become [On Chat]

As an exception, the status will not be [On Chat] and not connected to the operators in these cases below.

■The box "the status will not be [On Chat] when free text was entered" is checked in [Chat]>[Function]>[Chatbot] in the section "Priority processing". ■If you are only operating with 1 account, you set the account as Chatbot specialized account in [Chat]>[Function]>[Chatbot] in the section "Priority processing", and checked in the box "The chatbot specialized account only respond to chatbot".


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