Acquire URL of the Chat specialized page

In ChatPlus, we have a chat specialized page.
It is useful when you want to split the chat page corresponding to inquiry type, or when you don't want to add change to the existing home page.

URL for chat specialized page is

You can check your「contract key」and「site ID」with the method below.
(1)Click the setting button on the upper right of the management page.

(2)Click [General setting] on the left side of the screen.

(3)On the page "Chat window", within the code, you can see [Contract key] and [Site ID] after d["__cp_c"]=. In the picture below, [Contract key] is「f8822191」, and [Site ID] is「1」.

If you delete「&bw=410&bh=520」at the end of the URL, the chat window will be shown fully.
Choose whichever you want.

Not deleting「&bw=410&bh=520」



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