Add value to existing forms (Text form)

You can reflect content to the form in existing page which you entered in the text form in the Chatbot.

This function can only be done above Business Plan.

Here, as an example, it will show the method of when [I want to make an inquiry] button was clicked, it will display a text form, and the entered content will be reflected to an existing form.
Sample Page


(1)Click the setting button on the upper right of the management page.

(2)Click [Chat]>[Function]>[Chat bot+] on the left side of the screen.

(3)Click [Add parts]

(4)In the section "Basic Information", enter "Part's name" and "Detail".

(5)In the section "Rule", click [Add rules]

(6)In the section "Display Rule" which appeared in (5), click [User's Remark] from the first pull down, enter "I want to make an inquiry", and click [Match] from the third pull down.

(7)In the section "Action", click [Text form]

(8)From "Action" pull down appeared in (7), click [Add value to form].

(9)In the box below "Form selector", enter "Form element ID" of the existing page.

If you check in the box "Send immediately", when [Send] was clicked, the page will immediately move to a confirmation page.

(10) In the box of text form "Name", enter [Name Attribute] from the form content of the existing page.

You can check [Form element ID] or [Name Attribute] using developer tools. Keep the page with form displayed, you can use the developer tool by entering [F12] with Windows, and [Command + Option + i] with Mac.
■For more information about Develper Tools, please refer to This page.
■For more information about [Form Element ID] and [Name Attribute], please refer to Lower part of this page.

(11)Add element if necessary, and set labels and actions after sent.

(12)Click [Update]

Confirmation method of Form element ID and Name Attribute

Using Developer Tools, you can confirm [Form Element ID] and [Name Attribute]

(1)Activate Developer Tools with the existing form page which you want to add value open.

For more information about how to use Developer Tools, please refer to This page.

(2)Click choice button on the top left of Developer Tools.

(3)Put the mouse cursor to the form enter box which you want to reflect value.

(4)Corresponding codes will be shown , so confirm「Form Element ID」is in the part「id=」,「Name Attribute」is in the part「name=」.

If you have any other entering forms that you want to reflect values, you can do it with the same method above.


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