Chatbot Analysis

What is Chatbot Analysis?

Chatbot Analysis is a function for the use of bettering and making satisfied Chatbot by analyzing users using Chatbot.

This function can only be done above Business Plan.

Ways to look at Chatbot Analysis

(1)Click [Report] at the top of the screen.

(2)Click [Chatbot]

(3)The screen below will be shown.

Bot activation number:Total number of bot displayed to users.
Number of clicks:Total number of bots clicked by users.
Withdrawal Rate:Number of bots displayedーNumber of bots clicked


ID:Personal Chatbot ID
Classification of bots:Empty means Chatbot, [+] means Chat bot+, and [First] means the first Chatbot showed after activation.
Part's name:Part's name when creating Chatbot or Chat bot+.
Number of bot activation:Number of the specific bot activated.
Number of clicks:Number of the specific bot clicked.
Number besides sentences:Number of each choices clicked.
Withdrawal Rate:The rate of users withdrawing without replying after the activation of the bot.
Achievement Rate:The rate that the bot became converted to messages.
Those data can be downloaded as CSV files by clicking [CSV download]



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