Image Map

What is Image Map?

Display questions and choices in the Chatbot as an image, and by clicking that the action will follow depending on the image the users clicked.

※It can only be done with Business Light Plan or above. It cannot be used with minimum plan.

Setting of an Image Map

(1)Click the setting button on the upper right of the management page.

(2)Click [Chat]>[Function]>[Chat bot+] on the left side of the screen.

(3)Click [Add parts]

(4)In the section "Basic Information", enter "Part's name" and "Detail", and in the section "Rule", set the condition for sending an image<。br />

For more information, please refer to 「Chat bot+

(5)In the section "Action", click [Image Map] from the pull down.

(6)Click [Register Image], and Upload the image for the Image Map.

(7)In the empty box under [Register Image], click with [Alt(Option)+Shift], and open [Image Map Editor].

In [Image Map Editor], you can set the actions for each section where the users clicked.

(8)In the section "Divide" and set the division of the image, Image Map will be divided and the numbers will be distributed to each section.
※The Image Map below is divided by two.

(9)In the section "Action", choose a number you want to set an action.

(10)These contents can be set
■Coordinates:You can set the range of images with coordinates for setting an action. ■Action:You can set the action when the users clicked a certain image. ■Contents:You can set the URL to move page or remark when a certain image was clicked.

(11)Click [Output], and the code of the setting will be shown, copy all.

(12)Close [Image Map Editor] window, and paste in the box below "Register Image" what you copied.

(13)Click [Update]

In the chat screen, it will show as this.



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