Lead activation process

By installing ChatPlus, you can display a lead form (information such as visitor name and email address). Please find here how to show/hide this form, and change the design.

Display example)

Here we will set as an example [Method to display the lead form 30 seconds after displaying the homepage].

Set the display timing

(1) Click [Lead]>[Activation process] on the left side of the screen.

(2) Click [Add an auto activation].

(3) Click on [Time elapsed after displaying the site] from the pull down right of [Display rule].
※[Time elapsed after displaying the site] is the elapsed time after visiting the homepage,
 [Time elapsed after displaying the page] is the elapsed time after displaying each page.

(4) [After displaying the site □ seconds elasped.] will display under the pull down clicked in (3), enter [30] in the empty box.

(5) Click [Save].

(6) You will go back to the screen in (2) automatically,
1.check to see if the rule registered in (5) is added in [Activation process]>[Display rule].
2.check if [ON] is set.
 (Click [ON/OFF] to switch)

(7) Click [Update] at the bottom of the screen.


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