Text Form (Basic)

By using Chat bot+, you can create a text form.
In here, it explains how to display a text form to enter names and email addresses when a user clicked [I want to request documents].

※Chat bot+ can only be done with Business Light Plan or above. It cannot be used with minimum plan.

How to add a text form

(1)Click the setting button on the upper right of the management page.

(2)Click [Chat]>[Function]>[Chat bot+] on the left side of the screen.

(3)Click [Add parts]

(4)In the section “Basic information”, write in boxes “Part’s name” and “Details”

(5)In the section “Rule”, click [Add rules]

(6)Click [User’s remark] from the first pull down, write in the box below what you want to match with, (in this case “I want to request documents”), and select [Match] from the pull down below.

(7)In the section “Action”, select [Message] from the pull down.

(8)In the box below, write down a message. (In this case “Thank you. Please enter your information below”)

(9)Click [Add actions]

(10)Select [Text form] form the pull down

(11)Click [Ticket] from the action pull down.

(12)In the subject text area, write down “Documents requested”.
※This will be the title of the ticket.

(13)Enter [PerhapsName], [Name], [John Smith] in the text area for each “Name”, “Label”, and “Candidate”.

(14)Click [Add form contents]

(15)Click [Text form]

(16)Enter [PerhapsEmail], [Email address], [sample@chatplus.jp] in the text area for each “Name”, “Label”, and “Candidate”.

(17)From the pull down “Action after sent”, click [User message] and write down “Sent” in the box below.

(18)Click [Update]

※With the setting above, the Chatbot will look like this.

Other usages are described in here



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