Use the same choice as a different thing

With ChatPlus, the system can recognize the same choice (Exactly same words) to be different things.

Things we can do

・When a user stated [YES/NO], the specific different messages will be sent depending on situations.

・When a user stated [I want to know about product A]>[I want to know how much it cost], it will display the cost of product A. (It can display costs depending on the products.)

・When a user stated [Return], it will return to applicable place depending on situations.



With [Chat bot]

(1)Click the setting button on the upper right of the management page.

(2) Click [Chat]>[Function]>[Chat bot] on the left side of the screen.

(3)Click [Automatic response setting]>[+Add automatic responses]

(4)Check in the box "Add questions", and enter questions.
When doing that, put [#●](●is half width number or alphabet)like [Return[#1]].

The part [#●] will not be shown in the chat.

Displayed screen to users


(5)In the section "Display Rule", click [Match with User's Remark] from the first pull down, and in the box "Match with ---", enter "Return". Click [Register].

By setting up like these above, [Return] will be displayed to user's window, but when the user clicks it, it will take to the different place and show different messages depending on situations.

With [Chat bot+]

With Chat bot+, you can set the same thing as above.

「[]」「#」「numbers and alphabets」are all has to be half width. It will not function with full-width characters.
When importing the Chatbot from CVS file, first you create a message and at the end of the phrase you put [#●], it will be set like these above.


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