What are the features of Business Lite plan?

ChatPlus' Business Lite plan can be used by 85$/month.
By using Business Lite plan, you can accelerate and improve your business.

Effect of Business Lite plan

Business Lite plan can solve the following needs:

・Just install a chat window
・Manage inquiry emails as ticket and increase customer satisfaction
・Increase sales and number of inquiries
・Save all inquiry history
・Know where the visitor comes from
・Expand marketing more than sending email newsletters.
・Acquire name and email address of customers who did not make inquiries or bought anything, but had a little interest

By just installing a chat window, you can increase the number of inquiries by around 30%.
You can own the chat window with just 85$/month, so it has a great cost performance.
If you are currently using an email newsletter, SFA, shopping cart, etc, you can link with those systems and acquire information of homepage visitors.
If your company is operating as BtoB, or working closely with people,
you often send emails to people who exchanged business card before or people on the list of customers.
At that time, if you link to ChatPlus with links such as email newsletters, New Year's cards, and file downloads, you can link the terminal information of the other party.

For example, the followings are very likely to have an interested in your service.

・Exchanged business cards before
・Visiting homepage after a period of time
・Migrating over 3 pages
・Staying in the page over a minute

With Business Lite plan, you can know thoroughly when these people visited your site, and talk to them accordingly.

Who is recommended to have Business Lite plan?

Business Lite plan is suitable for:

・companies with products that make inquiries from the homepage more than 8,000$ per month
・companies who are urging to register for membership
・companies who are operating EC site with monthly sales over 8,000$ per month
・companies operating web service as BtoB inbound
・companies who are paying over 1,600$ per month for customer support
・web services supported by multiple people and having over 10 cases of inquiries

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