Which plan should I choose?

ChatPlus provides 6 plans.

Minimum plan for 14$/month

If in your company, only one person operates the chat, a team of about 5 people handle about 200 inquiries a month and if you just want to create a chat window, then the Minimum plan would fit your company needs. There are limitations for functions and designs, however it could be operated simply because of smaller contents to customize. If you prefer simple functions and want to reduce cost, we offer you the Minimum plan.

Business Lite plan with detailed settings and visitor information gathering

Business Lite plan has the features of the Minimum plan, but with  various useful functions added. First, you can choose the chat design among 4 themes. The most popular theme is [App theme] that can be used from this plan. Furthermore, you can set your unique CSS and customize. You can also use external links with Google Analytics and Salesforce. API are available too so you can link with customer's service easily. Moreover the function [Chatbot+] allowing you to set complex actions for your chatbot can be used from this plan. This plan would be compatible with most of companies.

Business plan with high analysis function

Business plan has the features of the Business Lite plan, but with a high-quality analysis function added. It allows you to see which buttons were pushed the most, how many, and which page is displayed the most, and the measures of effectiveness. It heightens chat and chatbot's effect to the most, and will be the most suitable plan if you want to use ChatPlus to increase customer satisfaction or up conversion.

Premium plan for making agents' work efficient

Premium plan has the features of the Business plan, but you can also use the function called [Knowledge Base]. With this function, you can register frequently asked questions and answers and reply to a chat faster. By using this, the agent's work would be simplified and more inquiries will be handled. Also, the function called [Lead] which you can acquire visitor's email address can be used from this plan.

Auto AI plan

Auto AI plan has the features of the Premium plan, but with some functions added such as [Machine learning]. With this function, you can register frequently asked questions in the Knowledge base and make it learn by the system to reply faster to customers in the chat. Free word AI and Sōseki link are also available with this plan. We recommend the Auto AI plan for those who want to use AI system without spending high cost. 

AI Chatbot plan

AI Chatbot plan has the features of the Premium plan, but also functions to link with IBM's Watson and reply automatically with AI powered system, called AI Chatbot function. If you want to use cutting-edge technology and operate with minimum staff, we offer you the AI Chatbot plan. With ChatPlus free trial, you can try all functions ※It is a 10 days free trial (no automatic payment from your account after 10 days.) You can try it first, and choose which plan suits your needs. ※Except for AI Chatbot plan


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