Display Solution Confirmation

In Chat Plus, you can display [Solution Confirmation] to see if the problem has been resolved with that answer after displaying an answer with Chatbot or Chatbot+.

This function can only be done above Premium Plan.

Setting of the solution confirmation

(1) Click on the setting button on the upper right of the management page.

(2) Click on [Chat]>[Solution Confirmation] on the left side of the screen.

(3) Click on [Start operating of solution confirmation].

(4) The screen below will be shown so start setting on each content.


1:Choose either [Message + Choice] or [Confirm] as a way to display solution confirmation.

2:Enter message when displaying solution confirmation in the box.
3:Enter choices to display in solution confirmation in the box.

[Solved][Not Solved]

You can set an action to each choices when clicked.

※As an example, we will do the setting of when [Not solved] was clicked.
1:Check this box when you want to ask why the choice was selected.
2:Enter a message to display when asking for a reason.
3:Enter button name of when sending a reason in the box.
4:If you want to require to answer the reason, check this box.
5:Click on the action after sending a reason from the pull down.

Setting of Chatbot+

When creating a chatbot, check in the box [Solution confirmation].

For more information about method to create the chatbot, please refer to [Setting of the chatbot].

Setting of Chatbot+

When creating Chatbot+, click [Display solution confirmation] from the action pull down.

For more information about Chatbot+, please refer to [Setting of Chatbot+].

Activate solution confirmation after searching in Knowledge Base

Add an action in [Search Knowledge Base], and choose [Display solution confirmation].

History of solution confirmation

(1) Click on [Report] at the top of the screen.

(2) Click on [Solution confirmation].

(3)It will display resolution rate. It is useful when improving Chatbot and Chatbot+.


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