Display Solution Confirmation

In Chat Plus, you can display「Solution Confirmation」to see if the problem has been resolved with that answer after displaying an answer with Chatbot or Chat bot+.

This function can only be done above Premium Plan.

Setting of the solution confirmation

(1)Click the setting button on the upper right of the management page.

(2)Click [Chat]>[Solution Confirmation] on the left side of the screen.

(3)Click [Start operating of solution confirmation]

(4)The screen below will be shown so start setting on each content.



1:Choose either [Message + Choice] or [Confirm] as a way to display solution confirmation.

2:Enter message when displaying solution confirmation in the box.
3:Enter choices to display in solution confirmation in the box.

[Solved][Not Solved]

You can set an action to each choices when clicked.

※As an example, we will do the setting of when [Not solved] was clicked.
1:Check this box when you want to ask why the choice was selected.
2:Enter message to display when asking for a reason.
3:Enter button name of when sending a reason in the box.
4:If you want to require to answer the reason, check this box.
5:Click the action after sending a reason from the pull down.

Setting of Chat bot+

When creating a Chatbot, check in the box "Solution confirmation".

For more information about method to create Chatbot, please refer to「Setting of Chatbot」.

Setting of Chat bot+

When creating a Chat bot+, click [Display solution confirmation] from the action pull down.

For more information about Chat bot+, please refer to「Setting of Chat bot+」.


Activate solution confirmation after searching in Knowledge Base

Add an action in [Search Knowledge Base], and choose [Display solution confirmation].

History of solution confirmation

(1)Click [Report] at the top of the screen.

(2)Click [Solution confirmation]

(3)It will display resolution rate. It is useful when improving Chatbot and Chat bot+.



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