Insert image URL on Google Spreadsheet

In Chatbot+, you can save the content entered in text form to Google Spread Sheet.
Google Spread Sheet is a spreadsheet software provided by Google, and you can enter functions and create graphs like Excel. Also, what it differs from Excel is that it can be edited at the same time and has automatic save function. In here, it will explain how to link this very convenient Google Spreadsheet with Chat Plus.

In here, it will show you how to record the URL of the image file entered in the chatbot+ text form on Google Sheets.

Prepare Google Spreadsheet

Installation of cord

(1) Open Google Spreadsheet to record the content, and click [tool]>[Script editor] from the menu.
※If you do not have Google Spreadsheet, create a new one.

(2) When you open [Script Editor], an editor written like [function myFunction() { }] this will shown, so copy the code written below and overwrite the editor and paste.


(1) Click [Public]>[Install as a web application...] from Google Spreadsheet menu.

(2) You will be prompted to change the project name, so enter any project name.

(3) The screen below will be shown, so click [New] from [Project version] pull down, and click [Me] from [Execute the app as] pull down, and click [Anyone, even anonymous] from [Who has access to the app] pull down.
※After selecting [New] from the [Project version] pull down, enter any value in the frame. (can be left blank)

(4) Click [Deploy] button.

In some cases, the screen below will be displayed and you will need to "confirm permission".

In that case, click [confirm permission]>[choose account]>[detail]>[Move data to add]>[permit], and permit access to Google Spreadsheet.

(5) A screen that tells [Complete deploy] will be displayed, so copy [Current web app URL] in the box.

(6)Click [OK].

Your Google Spreadsheet is now ready.
Next, moving on to setting the API output of the chatbot.

Setting of API output

(1) Click the setting button on the upper right of the management screen.

(2) Click [External linkage]>[API output] on the left side of the screen.

(3) Click [Add API output] button.

(4) You can choose when an event occurs to send data to the target URL. Choose and click from the right of the event pull down.
This time, we want to get the image at the time of chat, so select "At the end of chat".

(5) Enter the URL of data destination in the target URL. Scroll down and click [send option].
Set the transmission type in the transmission options to "JSON (data) parameter" and click the [Register] button.

(6) Confirm that the event and target URL registered in (5) have been added.
Finally, switch enable from OFF to ON.
※Click the "Edit" button if you want to change it, or click the "Delete" button if you want to delete it.

Operation check

(1) Open chat screen and upload image.

(2) Click [Choose file], choose image you want to send and click [Upload].

(3)End chat.

(4) Confirm created Google Spreadsheet, so that you can see that the content is reflected. If you click URL, you can see the image.

The above is how to insert the image file entered in ChatPlus into a Google Spreadsheet.



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