About the pattern of manned operation

There are several possible operation patterns for online operation(during business hours) and offline operation(during non-business hours).

Online operation(during business hours)

The following two methods can be considered for online operation.

1. Always display text entry field(default setting)

If you want to increase your chat and connect to conversions, we recommend this method of operation.

2. Display text entry field only when "Chat with a staff" is clicked.

At first, it does not display the text entry field, it is a method to display when "Chat with a staff" is clicked in the chat bot

This is recommended if you want to make inquiries as efficiently as possible with a minimum of personnel.

The settings are a bit complicated, so we recommend that you make settings after all the other settings have gone through.

Setting of "2" can be done with Business Light Plan and above. It can not be used with the Minimum Plan.

Offline operation(during non-business hours)

The following three methods can be considered for offline operation.

1. Use offline form(default setting)

With the offline form, you can manage inquiries form offline visitors with Ticket or email them. You don't have to do anything special, so you can get started without effort.

2. Use chatbots

Visitors can also use chatbots when offline. In terms of usability, this would be the most desirable operation.

3. Hide chat

You can hide chat itself when you are offline.

The ability to use chatbots while offline is more than Business Light Plans. It can not be used with the Minimum Plan.


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