AI chat support improves business efficiency! 3 steps to create logic 2 steps effect operation

This article is especially for those who ・Have a lot of similar inquiries from customers ・Perform troublesome support work ・Provide many support by telephone and e-mail If you read this article, you can ・Automatically answer FAQ and reduce the trouble of handling ・Simplify support and will not be chased by miscellaneous tasks ・Reduce inquiries by phone and e-mail, and concentrate on other tasks "AI (artificial intelligence)" In recent years, opportunities to hear this word have increased. As you know, "AI" is expected to be utilized in various industries and fields. "AI" is spreading in lots of sectors and fields, and now, attention is paid to improving work efficiency by "AI".... 続きを読む

Seven cases to utilize chatbot for enterprise marketing

In recent years, the introduction of chat bot has been on the rise in Japan, and opportunities to see in various places such as corporate homepages and smartphone applications have increased. Many companies may be considering the use of chatbot as a tool to boost the purchase of products by visitors, and a tool to eliminate questions and concerns on the spot. On the other hand, there are still many cases where the introduction image to our company is vague In this article, we will introduce examples of using chatbot for marketing. You can find tips on using chatbot on your site from examples of using chat bots in various... 続きを読む

Expand marketing with chatbot Cases and effects of four industries in which chatbot is effective

In April 2016, Facebook and LINE started chatbot creation service one after another. Since then, chatbots have been introduced in various companies, and now chatbots are used with various services from entertainment to customer service. It is said that marketing changes greatly depending on chatbot in 2017. Let's see marketing changes caused by the spread of chatbot and case examples that led to success. This article is for ・Marketing staff ・User support staff ・Sales staff If you read this article, you can ・Understand the latest marketing using chatbot and incorporate into your own marketing ・Understand how to use chatbot to increase customer satisfaction and inquiries, leading to higher support quality.... 続きを読む

In 2017, the first year of popularization of chatbot! Four reasons to install right now

"I heard stories about introducing chatbot recently from businesses in the neighborhood" "my favorite site is introducing  chatbot" Opportunities to see chatbot in applications and homepages are increasing little by little. Actually, more and more services such as web sites have been introducing chatbot. However, there are not so many cases in which they use chatbot effectively. Even if they understand the attractiveness and merit of chatbot, there are still many business owners and web site staff who are still debating. In this article, we will look at the reasons for introducing chatbot from the four viewpoints. In 2017, now is the timing to introduce it. I will also explain... 続きを読む

Increase customer satisfaction with speedy chat support

Reception of inquiries from customers is available in various forms such as e-mail and telephone. Of particular note in recent years is chat support. We can respond more speedily than email and telephone, and customers can ask freely. So it is easier to increase customer satisfaction, and the number of companies to introduce is increasing. In this article, we will introduce the merit of chat support and a method to increase customer satisfaction by coping with chat speedily. If you read this article ・You can understand merits to introduce chat support ・You can understand  the chat support method to raise customer satisfaction ・You will be able to answer inquiries speedily. Answer... 続きを読む
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