Eliminate anxiety about introducing chat support tool at once! ! TOP 3 Questions before introduction

This time, I gathered three of the most frequently asked questions from those before chat introduction, for those  who " would like to use the chat support tool, but worried about the operation at thier company"

You may have many questions about chat, and there may be some uneasy people to introduce immediately.
Reading this article, you can eliminate those questions and introduce chat smoothly
Please read.

Frequently asked questions before introduction(1)

Whether you have to watch the chat screen all the time after introducing chat

First, when a company considers about introducing chat, the following problems are often seen.

"I would like to introduce chat,
but I am busy with my work and I can not keep watching the chatting screen all the time."

"If we are late for noticing chat, we have kept customers waiting,
and it may give a bad impression."

Reliable point unique to ChatPlus(1)

When you use notification application (smart phone · desktop) in combination, you will be notified when the chat started
So you can respond quickly even with less resources, .

When you get chat, you will be notified by sound or push.
You do not have to watch the chat screen all the time.

Imagine the scene where the phone rings, I think it helps you understand.
While doing business as usual, you can respond to chat immediately.

The notification application is compatible with the main devices (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac).

Frequently asked questions before introduction(2)

Since it is a small company, you can not assign chat staff

Next, sometimes the following questions may arise.

"Although I know chat is convenient tool, we do not have enough people, so it is impossible to introduce it.
We need full-time operators, don't we?"

"As we can not assign many people, can we respond with one person?"

Reliable point unique to ChatPlus(2)

●With ChatPlus, you can use one account for everyone (you can log in at the same time)
●Generally, you can talk to up to five customers at once.

When listening as chat, people tend to think dedicated staff is neccesary.
It might because image of the call center may be strong.
It is one of the good ways,
However, with Chat Plus,  you can fully operate it without dedicated staff.

In Chat Plus, it is possible to share accounts, so people who can chat at that time can return it.
Even if you have to go out on the way while chatting, others can take over the conversation you are chatting as it is.

By introducing chat, the number of inquiries increases,
for example, it may happen that multiple chats are started at the same time.
If so,a small number of people can operate it
since about 5 chat can correspond by one person at a time.

Frequently asked questions before introduction(3)

Have to deal with chat for 24 hours / 365 days?

We often receive following question, too.

"Have the chat been open all the time?
though nobody will be able to respond when the company is on holiday"

"Recently, the number of sites that have chat is increasing, so we actually want to introduce chat,
but it seems difficult because we often go out."

Reliable point unique to ChatPlus(3)

●You can set chat response time.
●Chat can be returned from the outside using the smartphone application.

There are many people who think that "Once we introduce chat, it will remain open on the site all the time."

You can set the chat response time and hide it outside the response time or switch to the mail form,
so you can operate it depending on the situation of the company or the site.
Also, when you temporarily step out, you can switch chat on and off with one click.

And if you use smartphone application, you can easily chat from the outside.

I think your anxiety about the operation have been solved,
for everyone who is considering introducing the chat tool, it is now possible to start chat at any time.

Chat is still new tool in Japan, but it will be normal to have chat on the site in the near future.

As we mentioned in the previous article,
chat is a tool that matches every type of industry that can be used
not only as user support but also as a marketing tool.

Support, marketing, etc...
Please make effective use of ChatPlus for everyone's purpose.

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