June 2020 ChatPlus setting class Announcement of [online edition]

The life of telework, which I was not used to at first, has finally become a daily life. It's good to live in a crowded train.

By the way, this time, we will hold the setting workshop [online version] as follows.
Our company ChatPlus can build a state-of-the-art chatbot for 1,500 yen a month, and it continues to produce more than 6,300 successful experiences from listed companies to mid-sized companies and startup ventures. We have the most know-how in the industry regarding the introduction and operation of chat and chatbots.

Chat Plus is used by a wide range of customers and has a wealth of features and options.
By adjusting the settings according to the purpose and purpose, you can increase the effectiveness of chat tools and bot functions several times.
This workshop will be held in a small workshop format. While listening to your services, we will help you to succeed in your business.

Date and time

You can choose from one of the following.
・Tuesday, June 2, 2020 15:00~18:00
・Tuesday, June 9, 2020 15:00~18:00
・Tuesday, June16, 2020 15:00~18:00
・Tuesday, June23, 2020 15:00~18:00
・Tuesday, June30, 2020 15:00~18:00


・The seminar will be held at Zoom.
 The URL for participation will be announced on the day before the event.
・You can test the connection from the following, so please try before you join.
・Cameras and audio will be connected between participants. Please note.

Participation fee



One of the following is in charge:
・Oe Mayuko(Chat Plus Co., Ltd. Director)
・Miura Tohei(Chat Plus Co., Ltd. ChiefSalesDirector)
・Takahashi(Chat Plus Co., Ltd. Customer success team)
・Nakamura(Chat Plus Co., Ltd. Customer success team)
・Yamada(Chat Plus Co., Ltd. Customer success team)
※ It is subject to change.

time schedule(plans)

15:00~16:00 Chatbot settings(Workshop format)
16:00~16:30 Q&A / Break
16:30~17:00 About attended chat settings(Workshop format)
17:00~17:30 Question-and-answer session

What you need to participate in the workshop

・Internet environment
 If possible, a dual display environment is recommended.
ChatPlus account
 If you do not have it, please register for a 10-day trial from the following.

Target person

・Those who are engaged in web marketing(BtoB、BtoC)
・Those who are engaged in website management(BtoB、BtoC)
・Those who want to make contact with customers efficient and labor-saving(BtoB、BtoC)
・Those who are engaged in EC site management(BtoB、BtoC)
・Those who are engaged in application development and operation(BtoB、BtoC)
・Those who want to save labor in call center operations(BtoB、BtoC)
・Those who provide web-related solutions(BtoB、BtoC)
・Those who are engaged in Web-related proposals and advertising agencies(BtoB、BtoC)

About application

Please apply from the following.

If you are unable to schedule after applying, please be sure to cancel the process.



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無料E BooK:70%の問合せにチャットボットで自動応答し


  • 何を出来るかわからない
  • 自分に必要かわからない
  • 導入方法がわからない
  • 成果が上がるかわからない


このE Bookには、我々が数多くのサイトを活性化するうえで見つけた

  • チャットサポートシステムの利点
  • チャットサポートの体制
  • チャットボットの設計方法
  • 顧客満足度を高めるチャット術




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