Initial cost 0 yen
Monthly 1,500 yen ~

There are many price plan that you can choose from 1,500 yen / month.
You can choose a plan that suits your needs.
(All prices are without tax.)

  • Minium plan
  • Business light plan
  • Business plan
  • Premium plan
  • AI
Plan name Minium plan Business  light plan Business plan  Premium plan AI Chatbot
Year contract
Month contract
Number of account 1ID 2ID 3ID 5ID 5ID
Number of site 1 2 3 5 5
Invoice payment

Year contract only 

(Advanced payment)


  • Basic theme
  • Chat function
  • Visitors browsing function
  • Chatlog (unlimit)
  • Report function
  • Daily mail function
  • Visitors's log (unlimit)
  • Smartphone app for management
  • Desktop notification
  • Chatbot
  • Business hours setting
  • Time-out setting
  • Setting confirmation demo page
  • Template functio

In additon to all the functions of the minium plan,

  • All themes
  • Ticket function
  • Original CSS
  • Company information granting
  • Chatbot plus
  • Full unattended operation setting
  • Detailed design of chat
  • Detailed setting of chat
  • Setting import・export
  • Download visitors CSV
  • Download chat CSV
  • API Input/Output・Cooperation
  • Timexone setting
  • GoogleAnalytics cooperaation
  • Salesforce cooperation(※)
  • LINE cooperation(※)

In additon to all the functions of the business light plan,

  • Chatbot display analysis
  • Option history analysis
  • Option exit analysis
  • Download all visitors information
  • Download all visit history information
  • Download all chat information
  • Download all remark information
  • High function report

In additon to all the functions of the business plan,

  • Lead
  • Knowledge base
  • Security setting
    (Login screen)
  • Security setting
    (Personel individual control)
  • High performance
    (High load) option

In additon to all the functions of the premium plan,

  • Freeword AI
  • Synonym dictionary function
  • Machine learning function
  • Data collection for re-learning
  • Noise filtering
  • IBM watson connection
  • Microsoft AZURE connection
Additional operator (※) 2,500 yen / month · person
The number of operators is the number of ID / Passwords that you can login and do reply. In case of unattended reception 1 operator will be required. There is no limit on the number of visitors returning a chat bot. (Consultation may be held if concurrent access number exceeds 1000 cases.)
Functions comparison (PDF) Function comparison table
  (※)This is an option plan. Extra cost is required.

Options menu

  • Original chat design creation

    Original chat design creation

    Chat design can be customized from the management screen, but it is also possible to create completely original. You can also use the created designs, or we can design as your request.

  • Chat script consulting

    Chat script consulting

    We have many experiences of doing chat support as how we respond to visited customers, so we can help you with support business flow and spoken language creation. 

  • Construction of landing page etc.

    Construction of landing page etc.

    We will receive to create effective landing page. By landing page and chat response, we will help you to make more effective pages.

  • Chat agency service

    Chat agency service

    On behalf of your staff, we will act on behalf of chat. This service can do completely the outsourcing to companies have various problems, such as know-how and lack of people.

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