Links do not open in another tab when using Safari

By design, the Safari browser may block links in other tabs if you use the following settings in the chat bot plus.

You can open a different tab in a different way.

Use custom tags to link within messages

(1) Click the Settings button in the upper right of the management screen.

(2) Click on the left side of the screen "chat" > "Function" > "chatbot +".

(3)Click "Add Part".

(4)Enter "Part Name" "Summary".
※You can leave the ID field in the upper right of the screen blank. An ID is automatically assigned when creating a chat bot plus.

(5) Configure the desired rule and click to select "Messages" from the Action pulldown.

(6) Type any message and use your own tag where you want to insert the link.

The following custom tags are used:.
[[cplink_target="URL":String]]:Link to a different tab
[[cpb:String]]:Make text bold
■Separate by「;」:Specify multiple custom tags

See this page for more information on your own tags.
add a link or decoration to a sentence

(7) Click the "Update" button.



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