Unable to import chatbot rules

If you cannot import chatbot rules, it's probably for the following reasons:
1. There are unnecessary line breaks
2. The box [Overwrite the same ID] is unchecked
3. The box [Expansion] is unchecked

Importing chatbot rules is available from Business Lite plan. It cannot be used with Minimum plan.

1.There are unnecessary line breaks

If there are line breaks in the message of the chatbot, it cannot be imported. Instead of line breaks, use the characters [¥r¥n].

NG example

OK example

2.The box [Overwrite the same ID] is unchecked

By checking the box [Overwrite the same ID], when importing, if one of chatbot ID is the same as an existing chatbot ID, it will be overwritten.

In the case of 2 same chatbot ID, if the box is unchecked, you cannot import chatbot rules.

3.The box [Extension] is unchecked

If there are rules other than [Match with visitor's message] in the imported file, you need to check the box [Extension].


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