Manage Template

Register letters in Template, when you enter the letters in the chat, the letters will automatically be changed.
If you register frequently used sentences, the chat responses will be smoother.

Register Template

(1) Click on the setting button on the upper right of the management page.

(2) Click on [Manage Template].

(3) Click on [+Add].

(4) In the box [Pattern], enter letters that you will enter in the chat. In the box [Output], enter sentence that you want it to appear when you enter the pattern.

(5) Check [Replace entered letters to sentences] and click on [Update].

After starting a chat, when you enter the pattern, it will automatically be replaced with a sentence.

Edit Template

To edit [Pattern] and [Output], click on empty spaces on the right of those.

Export Template

You can export and use the template. It is convenient when you are operating multiple sites.

(1) Open Chat Plus setting, and click on [Manage Template] on the left side of the screen.

(2) Click on [Export].

(3) [Open or Save "XXXXX.csv file"] will appear, click on [Save].

Import Template

You can copy and use the template exported as CSV file. It is convenient when you are operating multiple sites.

(1) Open CSV file which the template is exported.

(2) Copy the template you want to import from the list.

(3) Open Chat Plus setting and click on [Manage Template].

(4) Click on [Import].

(5) The empty box will appear to paste the template, so paste it which you copied in (2).

When you want to import all the template in the CSV file
(1) Click on [Browse]
(2) Choose CSV file you exported
(3) Click on [Send]

(6) Click on [Send] and confirm the template has been added to [Pattern] and [Output].


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