Operate only with chatbot

By doing the following settings, you can operate inquiries with only chat bots.

Delete chat frame

If you do not want the user to hit a message, and you respond to all questions with a chatbot, you can delete the message input frame.

(1) Open the chat plus login screen and click "Chat"> "Design"> "Menu" on the left side of the screen.

(2)?Click on "Chatting".

(3)?Click "Show advanced settings".

(4)?Check "Do not display message input frame".
※ Check "Do not display only when offline" and "Do not display in chat bot" as necessary.

(5)?Click "Update" bottun.

Prioritize chatbot when offline

You can give priority to chatbot without displaying offline form when offline. If you set up frequently asked questions in advance, you can answer customers' doubts even when there is no person in charge.

(1) Open the chat plus login screen and click "chat"> "feature"> "chat bot" on the left side of the screen.

(2)?Check "Do not display offline form and prioritize chat bot when offline".

Set initial message

By setting the initial message, messages are automatically sent when the visitor starts chatting.
If you set a choice and set the answer to it in the chatbot beforehand, you can respond to the inquiry with only chatbot.


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