Induct ChatPlus to Google Sites

Here, it explains how to induct ChatPlus to Google Sites.

Acquire URL of chat specialized page

URL of the Chat specialized page is

You can check your「Contract key」and「Site ID」with the procedure below.

(1)Click the setting button on the upper right of the management page.

(2)Click [General setting] on the left side of the page.

(3)In the code of the "Chat window", after d["__cp_c"]=, there is [Contract key] and [Site ID]. In the example below, [Contract key] is [f8822191] and [Site ID] is [1].

Induct to Google Sites

(1)Log into Google Sites and select site which you want to install ChatPlus.

(2)Click [Embed]

(3) Paste the acquired URL and click [insert].

(4)Adjust place

(5)Check to see if the chat is displayed in the preview screen.


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