(2/7) Fully automatic or manned? Let's consider the best operation system for your company


Have you set up a favorite design chat based on the previous article? The design of chat is very important, it increases the number of inquiries and can express sophisticated image. I would appreciate it if you could try various things.
(previous article)(1/7) Customize your chat design freely and set up your favorite chat

This time we will tell about chat operation method.

There are various operation methods in the chat system depending on service contents, introduction purpose, organization / personnel structure. By setting according to the operation method, the chat system can demonstrate more effect and realize what your service aims. Although Chat Plus is inexpensive, we continue to develop according to many customer's requests. The behavior of chat can be finely set according to your service and support various kinds of operation system by setting. In this article, we will introduce two main purposes of the chat system and examples of operation setting according to purpose. Let's make chat settings perfect for your company.

Offensive chat or Defensive chat

The purpose of introducing chat system and chat bot is roughly divided into two. Are you going to take communication with offensive chat or reduce support cost with defensive chat? Which would you prefer?

Offensive chat

The most effective use of chat support and chat bot is "offensive chat" which actively gets communication.
The old homepage (which does not have chat) was only able to design the flow that customers visited and bought products, just like a catalog and vending machine. If you set up a chat there, you will be able to communicate directly with visiting customers. In other words, it turns into a store where you can wait on customers.
Chat with visited customers is the customer service itself, and it will help you capture needs and make use of it for your own service. Also, you will be able to have contacts with prospects, so you can increase conversions than when unattended.
As long as it is not a service that can be sold at a vending machine, if you want to take full advantage of the effect of chat, it is best for manned operators to talk with customers.
Then, we offten hear anxities like
"We do not have skills to introduce chat"
"The burden may be further increased if we introduce chat with e-mail and telephone."

Certainly, if you have not chatted yet, I can understand the feelings of becoming uneasy.
However, even in such a case, we recommend you to try first.
Chat is a new communication tool, but it is not difficult.?Like telephone and e-mail, anyone can do chat response, once you get used to it. With chat you can quickly respond with short sentences. Therefore, the cost for inquiries compared with telephone and e-mail is halved. So customers who are properly operating will try to reduce operation with telephone and e-mail and use chat as possible.
How many operators are necessary? There is no problem for even one person. It is the same as telephone.
What is important when introducing chat is the initial response time.
In order to respond to chat immediately, in addition to automatically answering with a chat bot, it is effective to take advantage of the following functions.
・Perceive chat reception with notification application.
・Respond quickly with fixed sentence form

There are chat applications that can receive notices immediately. Please make use of them.
・Windows application
・Mac application
・iPhone application
・Android application
・Chrome notification(I recommend it because it stand out most )

If you introduce an application, you can be notified immediately when you receive chat.
You can set it by clicking "notification setting" that appears when you click on the name column in the upper right of the administration screen.(※ref ⇒Notification application? Browser notification

In Chat Plus, there is a fixed sentence function to assist operator input.
It is the first response time that is directly connected to the degree of satisfaction of the chat. The point is that the speed of "first time" is important.
In other words, if you can register a common answer and increase the response speed, customers satisfaction will naturally increase.
For reference, "common answer example" is as follows.
"Thank you for your inquiry."
"Thank you as always."

(※ref ⇒register fixed form knowledge base

In addition, support costs can be reduced by using chat bots in conjunction with manned operators. Various ingenuity is possible such as arranging frequently asked questions in advance and automatically answering questions that can be processed mechanically before connecting to the operator.

Defensive chat

One of the main objectives of introducing chat support is to reduce support costs.Queries tend to be difficult to manage if they exceed a certain number of cases, but we can not cut corner the support work. Chat makes support cost lower than e-mail and tel as well as increases customers satisfaction, so the transition to chat support is proceeding. Many in-house helpdesk and B to C customer service desk want to reduce cost by chat and unattended automation utilizing chat bot.
However, even if AI is introduced, it is not easy to automatically answer all questions and solve problems. Conversation AI is still in the process of development, and many of the products currently in practical use are like systems that extend and search FAQs. Also, to make it learn, it costs a lot of labor cost, so you can not fulfill the original purpose of reducing cost. Especially using free word AI for important clients is a risk factor. Then we recommend following method.

  • Selective type fully unattended response
  • When the chat bot can not resolve problems, switch to manned response or offline form

You can answer inquiries even outside business hours

ChatPlus can automatically answer inquiries even outside business hours. You can also hide chat or accept inquiries by e-mail form.?

Automatic correspondence setting

You can add a new rule for automatic startup. You can also set startup processing combining multiple rules. Click "Register" button after editing.

We explains how to set the following items with examples.
・Talk to like "Thank you for your visit, do you have anything unknown?" after 20 seconds from opening the page.
・Make choices like "I want to know about business hours" "I want to talk to a person in charge directly with chat"
・Set to respond "Our business hours are Monday to Friday, from 9 to 18 o'clock." automatically when talked to "I want to know your business hours".

(1) Open Chat Plus settings screen and click "Chat"> "Function"> "Chat Bot" on the left side of the screen.

(2)?Click "Auto correspondence setting"> "Add auto correspondence" button.

(3)?In the"Automatic correspondence registration" screen, enter "Thank you for your visit. Do you have anything unknown?" in the box to the right of "Chat start greeting".

(4)?Click on the checkbox next to "Add question" and click the "Add Choice" button to increase the number of choices to two.

(5) Enter "I want to know about business hours" "I want to talk to a person in charge directly with chat" for each of options 1 and 2 added in (4).

(6)?Click "elapsed time after page display" from the pull-down next to "Display Rule".

(7) "Displayed □ seconds from page display" is displayed under the pull-down clicked in (6), then enter "20" in the blank.

(8)?Click "register" button and check
1.The rule registered under "Automatic correspondence registration" has been added
2.?"ON" is displayed on the right side of the rule.

(9)?Click "Auto correspondence setting"> "Add auto correspondence" button.

(10)?As "Automatic Correspondence Registration" screen is displayed, enter "Our business hours are Monday through Friday, Monday through Friday, 9 to 18 o'clock." in the box to the right of "Chat Starting Greeting"

(11)?Click "Match user's speech" from the pull-down next to "Display rule".

(12)?As "□ matches" is displayed under the pull-down clicked in (11), enter "I want to know about business hours" in the blank.

(13)?Click "register" button and check
1.The rule registered under "Automatic correspondence registration" has been added
2."ON" is displayed on the right side of the rule.

Receive inquiries outside business hours

Inquiries outside business hours can be managed as tickets.

About setting business time, please refer to?Set chat reception hours (business hours).

In the case of e-mail, it is hard to recognize who corresponded to an inquiry, but in the case of chat, it's not hard because you can use the "ticket" function with which you can manage inquiries while sharing in task form.

About how to set to use ticket function, please refer to Use ticket function.

Set person in charge

In Chat Plus multiple people can log in to a single ID at the same time. Furthermore, by using bot, you can automatically answer a lot of responses. Here, we will inform you about the personnel setting to be done first.

In Chat Plus you can add multiple people in charge.
If you prepare multiple contact persons, you can log in with a different ID, and you can distribute chat contents for each person in charge.
For example, if you create a common person in charge, logging in with everyone,? vacant person can reply when a question from the customer comes

(1) Click the setting button on the upper right of the administration screen.

(2) Click "Contact person management" on the left side of the screen,?

(3)?Click "Add person in charge" on the top of the screen.

(4)?Enter the information of the person in charge to add and click the "Register" button.

  • Displayed name for customers
    Enter the name of the person in charge who is displayed on the homepage.
  • Name of the person in charge
    Enter the name for inside the company displayed on the chat administration screen.
  • E-mail address
    Enter e-mail address.(This becomes the ID used when you log in.) 
  • Password
    Enter the login password.
  • Site
    Check the site where you use chat.
  • Authority
    Please check one of administrator and general.
  • Chat
    If incoming chat is automatic sorting, you can set whether or not to respond when the visitor starts chatting. If you respond, it will be automatically sorted until the number of simultaneous conversations by visitors reaches the limit number. When the number of simultaneous connections of chat exceeds the limit number of all the persons in charge, the visitor who started the new chat is put on standby for chat.
  • Reception time
    You can choose the time to be online.
  • Receive e-mail
    If you check the daily mail, a daily report will be sent by e-mail.
    When you check the ticket mail, the contents of the ticket will be sent by e-mail when issuing the ticket.

(5) Confirm that the person in charge registered in (4) has been added.

The user with the ★ mark on the thumbnail is the super administrator (user who can set payment etc.), the user with the key mark becomes the chat administrator.

Chat Plus is a tool which increase inquiries and customer satisfaction. But not all the companies use in the same way. Based on the know-how of chat operation we talked about this time, you should be able to build a good operation method according to your service content and organizational structure.


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