June 2020 ChatPlus setting class Announcement of [online edition]

The life of telework, which I was not used to at first, has finally become a daily life. It's good to live in a crowded train. By the way, this time, we will hold the setting workshop [online version] as follows. Our company ChatPlus can build a state-of-the-art chatbot for 1,500 yen a month, and it continues to produce more than 6,300 successful experiences from listed companies to mid-sized companies and startup ventures. We have the most know-how in the industry regarding the introduction and operation of chat and chatbots. Chat Plus is used by a wide range of customers and has a wealth of features and options. By adjusting...続きを読む

June 2020 Operational Consultation Information

The number of prefectures that have released the new coronavirus emergency declaration has increased. It seems that the number of opportunities to go out will finally increase. I am happy that there will be little rain this year. By the way, we are a leading company that is producing successful results every day in the user support and marketing area using chat and chatbots. Anyone can easily use Chat Plus, but you can further enhance the effect by changing the settings according to the service content, operation method, and purpose.At the operation conference, our staff will hear the issues and what you want to achieve for the following people, and...続きを読む

June 17 (Wed) Chatbot Latest Information Seminar Announcement of [online edition]

The number of prefectures that have declared the state of emergency due to the new coronavirus is increasing, and we are recovering our daily lives. On the other hand, many companies are considering BCP formulation with an eye on after-corona. The marketing and support methods of companies have changed drastically, and there is a demand for communication that can be maintained anywhere from offline to online to the internet. By the way, we will hold an online version of the chatbot latest information seminar, which has been highly acclaimed by many customers every month, at June 15 (Wednesday), 15:30. We are building chatbots for new companies at a pace of...続きを読む

June 18th (Thursday) AI chatbot seminar × IBM Watson【Online version】

As a BCP measure for after-corona, chatbots are attracting attention as a new communication method. The number of inquiries to our chat plus has more than tripled so far, and ChatPlus is being introduced as a measure to respond to customers at the time of telework, automation of marketing, back office operations, and online measures. ChatPlus is one of the most advanced chat systems in the world, and depending on your application, you can set up a variety of settings, including manned chat, optional chatbots, and automatic response to free words with AI. In this seminar, we will specialize in AI chatbots and introduce the environment surrounding AI, the reason...続きを読む

Held on Thursday, June 11th Manned chat operation seminar~Tips for achieving 95% satisfaction with chat even when working from home~

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the way of communication that has been commonplace until now has changed drastically. Telework has become popular all at once, and homework has become popular. In addition to traditional communication methods such as telephone and email, more and more companies are switching to chat as the contact point for customer support and sales. We are a leading company in the user support and marketing area using chat and chatbots, and we are producing successful results every day. Based on the belief that "Chat Companies should be contacted via chat" our company established the company in 2016 and has maintained a customer satisfaction...続きを読む

Notice of office relocation

We would like to thank you for your continued support. Now, Chat Plus Co., Ltd. has moved its office to the following address on March 30th (Mon) to expand its business. We will do our best to earn the patronage of all of you, and we ask for your continued support in the future. New address 〒101-0051 8th floor, NSE Building 1-7-1 Kanda Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (2 minutes walk from "Jimbocho" station on Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line, Toei Subway Mita Line, Shinjuku Line) phone number 050-8882-5558(There is no change.)   Thank you for all the celebrations. Thank you again for your kindness.続きを読む

New Year Holiday Information

Thank you very much for your special praise. We are very sorry to inform you of the year-end and New Year holidays in our company as follows.  December 27, 2019 (Fri)~January 7, 2020 (Tue) We apologize for any inconvenience, but we appreciate your understanding. We are running out of stock this year. We sincerely thank you for your patronage this year and look forward to your continued support and encouragement in the coming years.続きを読む

January 29 (Wed) Chat & Chat Bot Setting Workshop

2020 is finally the Olympic year. Which events are you looking forward to? Now, we are going to hold the monthly Chat Plus sponsored Chat & Chat Bots setup class on Wednesday, January 29, 2020. We are a leading company that produces successful results every day in the area of user support and marketing using chats and chatbots. This setup workshop is a very popular program that allows us to proceed with the setup while listening to your requests in a small session. Our company provides ChatPlus with the ability to build cutting-edge chatbots for ¥1,500 per month, and continues to create more than 5,200 successful experiences for a wide...続きを読む

January 2020 Operation Consultation Information

One year has passed so quickly. Chat Plus will continue running through 2020. We are a leading company that produces successful results every day in the area of user support and marketing using chats and chatbots. Anyone can use Chat Plus easily, but you can further improve the effect by changing the settings according to the service content, operation method, and purpose. At the operation consultation meeting, the person in charge of our company will listen to the following people about their problems and what they would like to achieve, and propose specific solutions. Audience Those who are engaged in web marketing(BtoB、BtoC) Those who want to increase inquiries on the...続きを読む

60% dissatisfaction! ? What are the real intentions and solutions for IT tools of personnel and general affairs personnel?

We conducted a questionnaire survey of 1000 people in charge of personnel and general affairs to find out the challenges they face and the IT tools they really need. Although the satisfaction level with the tools currently in use is as low as 40%, expectations for AI and automation tools to be used in the future are high at 80%. Personnel and general affairs officers play an important role in the company because they are responsible for supporting the employees who work at the company so that they can perform their duties smoothly.                                On the...続きを読む