12 Used cases of Chatbot! With detailed analysis of company's application example and its effect

Have you heard of the word Chatbot? It is a program which automatically respond to customers instead of manual operators. Recently, many companies have been installing Chatbot and have successfully decreasing cost and increasing contact point with customers. In this article, it would introduce the used cases of Chatbot inside the company and its effect after the installation. Also, it explains what is Chatbot in the first place and the merit of installing ChatPlus. In Chatbot, there are two types, one is the Chatbot which communicates with customers for outside company like Web service and applications, and the other one is the Chatbot which communicates with employees, clients, and stores...続きを読む

What is Web service? Variety of tools and its advantages and disadvantages. 8 recommended tools to use!

The Web service is to show discount coupons to users who visited the site, or a tool to support customers through chat. Other than those actions, you can also acquire needed information for marketing. In this article, it would explain what is a Web service tool and its characteristics of a tool and used cases. What is Web service in the first place, and introducing the variety of Web service tools to implement Web service corresponding to each user's needs. Also, the merit that you would get by installing Web service, and at the same time the demerit of it. We would list the variety of companies which offers web...続きを読む

Manual Chat Operation Seminar on 8/6(Thu) - Operation method to answer increased inquiries because of COVID-19 with 95% of customer satisfaction -

The COVID-19 impacted hugely on every company in the world. Spread of the trend of remote work, and stay home trend, people's lifestyle has been changing drastically. While these change has been made, the promotion of digital transformation is in need. Chat and Chatbot's use has been common instead of calls and emails, as a customer support or windows of sales, and as communication tool of BtoB and BtoC. ChatPlus is a leading company which generates success on daily basis using chat and chatbot in the area of user support / marketing area. We believe that [If we are the company that is offering chat support system, we have to...続きを読む

Notice of chatbot seminar 【Online version】on 7/21 (Tue)

With the impact of COVID-19, many companies are considering BCP decision looking at the future after COVID-19. The marketing method and support method has been changed drastically, and society needs a communication tool where you can be connected from anywhere with just only internet available. We have been offering chat bot seminar every month, and we will he holding that as an online version on 7/21 (Tue) 15:30 (Japanese time). We have been constructing Chatbot and offering to over 300 cases monthly to new companies, and the number of account as of June 2020 is over 7,000 companies. We have been cultivating experience with chat and chatbot, and we know...続きを読む

Manual chat operation seminar -The operation method to answer inquiries that had tripled because of COVID-19 with 95% rate of customer satisfaction-

With the impact of COVID-19, the communication method has been drastically changed. It became normal to work from home. In addition to calls and emails, there are companies who have been changed the customer support and sales window to chat because of this situation. We are the leading company in the industry of user support・marketing using chat and chatbot in the world. We believe that [If we are the company that is offering chat support system, we have to receive inquiries with chat too], so we have been installing our chat support system on our website since 2016 (when we founded the company), and we have been maintaining our customer...続きを読む

AI Chatbot seminar × IBM Watson 【Online version】on 7/29 (Wed)

Chatbot has been attracting attentions lately as a new communication tool for BCP measure after COVID-19. The number of inquiries to ChatPlus has been increasing and it has tripled since COVID-19 happened. It enables you to operate customer service, marketing during remote working, automating back office work and degital shift. ChatPlus has the cutting-edge chat system in the world and you can set to manually chat with customers, choices by chatbot, and auto response using AI according to your needs. In this seminar, it would focus on AI chatbot, and it would explain the environment that AI has, the reason that is drawing attention, and our superiority in terms of...続きを読む

Notice of ChatPlus setting consultation meeting 【Online version】on 2020/07

ChatPlus offers a cutting-edge chat services from 1,500yen-/month, which is widely used from listed companies, middle scale enterprise to startups, and we have over 6,300 companies which successfully used chat to its own good. We have know-how about the chat or chatbot's installation and operation from our experience. ChatPlus is being used from many customers and has many functions and options. If you set according to purposes, you can heighten the effect of chatbot twice as much. In this consultation meeting, we do a work shop with few people. The operator will hear specific of your service and offers you the best way to operate. Date You can choose from...続きを読む

Notice of operation consultation on July, 2020

We are a leading company of user support/marketing industry using Chat or Chatbot. ChatPlus can be used by anyone, however, if you change the setting according to service content, operation method, and purpose, you can heighten its effect even more. In this operation consultation, the operator will hear your wishes and problems, and make a specific proposal to solve the problem. Subject People engaged in Web marketing(BtoB, BtoC) People who want to increase inquiries in home page.(BtoB,BtoC) People who want to efficiently and minimize contact point with customers(BtoB, BtoC) People who are operating inside company support People who want to automate frequently asked questions to Chatbot. People who want to...続きを読む

June 2020 ChatPlus setting class Announcement of [online edition]

The life of telework, which I was not used to at first, has finally become a daily life. It's good to live in a crowded train. By the way, this time, we will hold the setting workshop [online version] as follows. Our company ChatPlus can build a state-of-the-art chatbot for 1,500 yen a month, and it continues to produce more than 6,300 successful experiences from listed companies to mid-sized companies and startup ventures. We have the most know-how in the industry regarding the introduction and operation of chat and chatbots. Chat Plus is used by a wide range of customers and has a wealth of features and options. By adjusting...続きを読む

June 2020 Operational Consultation Information

The number of prefectures that have released the new coronavirus emergency declaration has increased. It seems that the number of opportunities to go out will finally increase. I am happy that there will be little rain this year. By the way, we are a leading company that is producing successful results every day in the user support and marketing area using chat and chatbots. Anyone can easily use Chat Plus, but you can further enhance the effect by changing the settings according to the service content, operation method, and purpose.At the operation conference, our staff will hear the issues and what you want to achieve for the following people, and...続きを読む