List of function

With a very simple operation as embing a tags,
Chat Plus service can help you talk to the user who visited the site in real time.

  • Immediate issue - Immediate use


    Immediate issue - Immediate use

    There is only 1 minnute for issuing ID and only 3 minutes for starting chat. Just place JavaScript tags, the recommended settings will be made by default, so you can use the chat bot immediately without any complex operations.

  • Lead function

    Lead function

    Automatically displays popups that can get email addresses etc. The input mail address is stored in the DB and reflected in the action history. API linkage to external service is also possible.

  • Ticket function

    Ticket function

    For support not to close by chat, you can further improve your satisfaction by following e-mail or telephone. Chat Plus can manage the total support as a [Ticket] in total.

  • Company information granting

    Company information granting

    Based on the IP address and browser information, it is possible to automatically determine from which company accessing. (Patent pending)

  • System cooperation

    System cooperation

    You can connect to chat, ticket, visit history, lead information by connect API. You can link with your mail delivery system, shopping card, SFA, CRM etc. In domestic, we respond flexibly to inquiries and additional development.

  • Support


    The companies that uses Chat Plus has exceeded 2,500 companies 11,500 media, and we are accumulating the latest know-how everyday. We realize the world's best support from script creation to setup sharing, and we will lead our customers to success.

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